June 2009 is International Pagan Values Blogging Month!

Dear Pagani,

I have decided that I am tired at how some factions within other spiritual and faith traditions talk and act as if they have a monopoly on values and virtue and ethics.

Therefore I am issuing a call and a challenge to my fellow Pagan netizens…

In June the sun is at it’s height in the Northern Hemisphere and nearly hidden from view in the Southern Hemisphere.  Midsummer and Yule, festivals of fire and of light.

Let us then use our hearts and minds and words, invoking the fires of inspiration; let us write of the virtues and ethics and morals and values we have found in our Pagan paths, let us share how we carry these precious things forward in our own lives and out into the world.

Join me, in the month of June 2009 in writing about Pagan values.

Interested parties are asked to link to this post, and to list their blog in the comments section of this post.



154 thoughts on “June 2009 is International Pagan Values Blogging Month!

  1. Sure, I’ll participate. Not likely every day, but I do have plenty of opinions about such things. 😉 Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so involved in creating a Pagan seminary: Cherry Hill Seminary. One of two courses required of all matriculated students is called Boundaries & Ethics, originally developed by
    Cat Chapin-Bishop. It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever taken; it forces people to examine, reflect, and develop their own personal code of ethics, naturally based on one’s own values.

    I also participate in lots of interfaith activities. That not only involves trying to live by one’s values, but also the shared values of the interfaith group, in my case, Marin Interfaith Council (mostly).

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    1. Pax

      Well, I hadn’t really thought about it… I’d have to say anytime in June, or several times in June for those that are so moved… I would think in the Southern Hemisphere there would be a tendency towards later in the month… the whole lighting a candle in the darkness sort of thing…


  3. svartesol

    Excellent! I will spend June blogging about the thews (virtues) of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, and will provide linkage with each post.

    Thank you so much for starting this! 😀


    1. Pax


      That is infinitely beyond OK!!!

      Ba-thump-skish, “thank you, thank you!”

      Seriously though that would be too cool!

  4. I’m in. But I fear how much love and light and fairy-dust nonsense will clog up the system. If Paganism is a spirituality of balance it would be *really good* to hear about some of the harsh realities of being a human in a human-made world.

    Looking forward to it, and thanks for the opportunity.


  5. Will certainly be doing this as well, and perhaps posting the essay I am now working on; “Reading Beyond the Rede: Ethics for Traditional Witches”. I hope we may have a great deal to say about the values and principles that inform our lives as Pagans and which we hope to instil in those we influence.

    Maureen Duffy-Boose
    Aisling the Bard
    National Secretary, Pagan Pride Project

    1. Pax

      I’ve been trying to track down your blog, or other web place you would post it, and am failling terribly! Where can I track this down?

  6. I’d like to participate in this, but I don’t actually identify as pagan, but as atheist/pantheist with a very earth based spirituality. I haven’t really blogged at all in a good long time, I hope to turn that around, but my apologies in advance if it doesn’t work out.


    1. Pax

      Pam, I hope you will blog something for this little event. I am curious thought why you don’t consider yourself a Pagan?


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  10. It might be easier to have it all on one specific date. Maybe the solstice? Just a quick suggestion. But I will with great eagerness put up some stuff on values. I am a member of a great Wiccan organization, Family Wiccan Traditions International, that is focuseed on family (obviously) and the importance of raising children with values in the Wiccan Faith.

    So in short count me in!

    1. Pax

      Dawn, and Sia, thank you both for your participation and Dawn for getting the rest of the Witchmoot gang on it!

      I had thought about designating one day… but it seemed to me that by giving some lead time and by encouraging a whole month I might be able to get multiple posts from some participants. Somehow that felt especially important, to get a lot of folks thinking and talking about these things.

      Besides I know I can probably post a couple of good essays on Pagan values, and virtues, and ethics. I’ve struggled to discuss the importance of these things in the past.

      I look forward to your essays especially Patrick as you are active on a daily basis on modeling and exemplifying the values and virtues of Witchcraft!

      I look forward to all of your words!

  11. We might do well to consider the questions raised by T Thorn Coyle in her series of posts about sexual ethics and consent.

    “What do you think about your own relationship to sex? To magic? To life force? To our process? To mistakes? To feet of clay? To your own regrets? To the sacred? To teaching our children?”

    If you participate in this synchroblog, please post your contribution to MetaPagan – you can use the tag metapagan.ethics (not quite the same as values but the nearest tag we’ve got).

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  13. Hi Pax — I heard of your marvelous idea from Haley at Iridescent Dark and I too plan to write one or more posts on this topic during June. Can’t promise anything too deep or terribly metaphysical though! Also, I’m glad to have been directed to your blog — I know I’ll enjoy reading what you have to say!

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  15. justblade

    Excellent concept and count me in! I’m one of those Southern Hemisphere types, and June is great for sitting inside by the fire and pondering Weighty Issues … or at the desk tac-tac-ing away at the keyboard blogging to share one’s ponderings …

    Thanks Pax 🙂

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    1. Pax

      Thanks Cat! I am glad to know that those with more internet and social networking Savy than myself are getting onboard! Thank you too for your post encapsulating some of the voices and postings you’ve enjoyed!


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  20. apaganjourney

    I’ll participate, my whole blog is about my journey as a new Pagan and the values I’ve learned and am trying to improve on.

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  24. Pax, I am doing a series for June on my blog called Moonday School. It has mostly to do with the powerful effect that images of the Sacred Feminine have, especially for women. Every post has a paragraph for Body Wisdom, which I do consider to be a pagan value: understanding the divine through our bodies. Here’s my link

    BTW, I named my daughter Chrysalis, which is just how cool I think that word is. Becoming.


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  28. I’m coming in a few days late and I’ve written quite a bit in advance for the month already. However, this is a project worth joining so I’ll be adding a few bits on the topic myself.

    Fabulous and much needed idea!

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    1. Pax

      Your welcome Kirk!

      And a hearty Thank You to everyone who has posted since last I said anything in this comment stream! Trying to keep up with the volume of posts… keep the good writing and intelligent discussion coming folks

      1. Oops…Pax, I forgot to mention your invitation to the community gave me the push I’ve needed to do a bit of blogging on this subject. The first real postpost went up today, and more will follow. Thanks for the much needed impetus!

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  34. I’m so in!!! I’ll post my contribution on Sunday June 14th, what an interesting idea! I’m adding your to my Spreading Pagan Culture blogroll and adding this post to my sidebar!

    Thanks for this!

  35. I’m so in!!! I’ll post my contribution on Sunday June 14th, what an interesting idea! I’m adding your to my Spreading Pagan Culture blogroll and adding this post to my sidebar!

    Thanks for this!

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  37. Charlotte Koons

    I feel these three lines by the Indian poet and philosopher Tagore are truly pagan:
    “I slept and dreamt that life was joy
    I awoke and saw that life was service
    I acted, and behold, service was joy.”

    1. volcaniclastic


      Hi, disregard the above post. I use that blog for different things, and even though I’ll be writing all of the original pagan value posts there, I’ll be cross-posting them to this blog. It just makes things easier to read (other aspects of my life not squeezing their way in for attention)

      Thanks! 🙂

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    1. Hello Thorne,

      The answer is, I am not sure…. this is where the “semi” portion of my computer literacy comes in…

      If I understand your question, and the issue correctly, then any trackbacks or pingbacks (as WordPress calls them) to your site should come either from the address of this particular post…


      or from my delicious.com links…


      where I am posting all of the IPVBM posts for archiving, some just to archive (tagged paganvaluesmonth), and most to also insert them into the MetaPagan feed (tagged metapagan.ethics)


      I hope this helps!


      1. My posts include the url to *this* blog post and trackback isn’t working that way. Oh well.

        I see that at least one of mine is up on your delicious feed, but not metapagan.
        Perhaps I will not figure out how this is supposed to work, and that is OK. Just wanted to make sure the contributions were coming in the way you wanted, so folks were in a web, rather than just making isolated posts. But perhaps we’ll only get a partial web(log) going …

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  42. I’ve been thinking about this all month, but I’ve finally posted, and probably will again. I’ve also enjoyed reading others’ posts — Thanks for the stimulus!

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    1. Pax

      Sophia C., Don’t worry about the rambling… sometimes the easiest way to sort our own thoughts and feelings and understandings and deep instincts out is to ramble.! (See my first year or so of posts for examples…) 😉

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