A few notes on the Journey…5*14*09 11:36pm

Dear Pagani,

So the best I have done, spiritual practice wise, the last couple of days is to remember to breath properly and some simple breath awareness.  A few silent prayers, but I am not even sure I’ve done my daily prayer…

…..There, that’s a little better… of course it hasn’t been all struggle really…

I think some of my energy level ups and downs the last day or so are partly me comming off of all the anti-biotics I was on for the skin infection, rather a bad one… but I am doing better.

I just finished what I think may become a nightly routine for me… I went out onto our screened in patio, sat on the comfy portable porch swing, lit a stick of incense and meditated for a bit… staring at the lit end of the incense in the same way you might gaze at a candle flame… I managed to hold it for about a third of the incense stick… not a bad first try…

I am blessed with A.D.D. (clinically diagnosed by a psychiatrist, thank you and not just prescribed stuff cause Mommy couldn’t properly parent me thank you very much!)  and it having been years since I tried to meditate regularly I have a very noisy mind.

I will just have settled into a rhythm of breathing and a fairly empty mind when suddenly images and thoughts burble forth and I have to kind of let them out a little before I remember to remind myself…

“These are thoughts…”

… and I let them go and try to still my mind… only to have more thoughts burble forth… and repeat, and repeat, and repeat…

But, as I say I was able to keep this up for about a third of the incense stick’s burning down… so it’s a start.  It was a delightfully un-still night, with insects humming and tree frogs ululating their electronic sounding noises.  The air was cool and the late afternoon/early evening rain had drained the heat of the day although the humidity is already on the rise again.

I hope this will be a nice wet Summer in Florida, we need the rain.

After I came in from meditating, I blessed some water and drank it.   Now I am off to bed, I have set my alarm early and am hoping to begin a morning routine of stretching, swimming, and meditation and prayer tomorrow.



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