Notes from the Journey 05*15*09 10:25 am

Dear Pagani,

So I woke up and did a little stretching and a little swimming, a little meditation and a little praying.  Room for growth and improvement, but a good beginning.

I am looking at going to my local U.U. Church and a local Quaker meeting, inspired in part by my personal acquaintance with U.U. Pagans and by the writings of Quaker Pagans.  It is not that I find Paganism lacking, but I have accepted that in a Spiritual Practice and a relationship with Divinity there is always room for growth… for a deepening of practice and experience…

I also have spent some time this morning wandering the Internet reading my favorite blogs and trying to be a good guest and a good blog-host, striving for Gastblogschaft

I also am trying to comment in blogs where the posts, or the authors, have touched my spirit or inspired me.  Community, as I like to say, is build through communication!

Before I wander off to check a few more blogs and do some reading and ironing, let me suggest you go read the delightful speech made by journalist, blogger, and Pagan community Elder Victoria Slind-Flor of Driving Audhaulma who was recently honored as a Keeper of the Light by Berkley’s Pagan Alliance.

The Pagan Alliance looks like a group that is doing local Pagan community building right!



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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