Walking my talk…

Dear Pagani,

Well,  my call/suggestion for June 2009 as International Pagan Values Blogging Month has yielded many enthusiastic responses.  It has been a delight to see that I am not the only one who wonders about these things!  I shouldn’t be surprised though, I’ve had a lot of blessings and luck within the online Pagan community, made friends and acquaintances and learned a lot.

Thanks to you, all my dear readers and friends.

However, I feel the need to do more IRL community work.   For starters I’ve been trying to be a better communicator with some of my local Pagan acquaintences and friends.

I am also going to be going, as my new work schedule will allow, to services at a local U.U. church.  They don’t have a CUUPs chapter, but they do have an active Pagan group and some cool people are involved.  Now, don’t think I am giving up on Paganism, but I am feeling a need for spiritual fellowship at this point in my journey and U.U. definitely aligns with my quest and dedication to strive for my highest ideals.  Then too, I’ve finally accepted the fact that the floundering local attempt at a Wiccan Church/Pagan Community Group really is not a good fit for me.

Beyond that I am just trying to get a sense of my local community… there are a few Meet-ups… There are some Full and New Moon drum circles and a few other potential social spaces…

I’ve got some work and some research ahead of me.



2 thoughts on “Walking my talk…

  1. Hiya Pax,

    I don’t know if you’d think this is cheek of me, seeing as it is your initiative, but I made a button for the Pagan Values Month to put in the side of my blog. Do you mind this? I would be more than happy if others wanted to use it to. It’s in my sidebar, hope you like. x

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