(re)Learning to read the wind and the rain and the earth

Dear Pagani,

I am learning to read the signs of nature here in Florida, learning from both experience and long time Floridians the subtle meanings and omens inherint in the weather.  When Spring comes hot and humid so early, it can mean that we are in for a wet and rainy and stormy Summer.  Or so the old-timers say!  Days of rain have washed away most of the signs of the long term drought Florida has been dealing with for much of the last year or so.  Sometimes a light drizzle and sometimes sheets of water flying almost sideways in the wind gusts.  The landscape is green once more rather than shades of brown and yellow with a few hardy hints of green.

It has almost been like a Tropical Storm or the outermost bands of a Hurricane only without the storms themselves; and, of course, the fear and the last minute shopping and pantry stocking and the long lines at the gas stations and the local news weather people on the t.v. every 5 minutes with their storm season theme music and satellite photo’s of the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the coast of Africa.

As a Witch a part of my spiritual journey was to learn to pay attention to and to read the subtle language of natures rhythms around me; and the less than subtle signs of my fellow human’s behavior.  I’d like to think I did alright at that in Alaska, but having moved to Florida I lost that conversation and am only now beginning to pick it up again a little over 3 years later.

It is important, this subtle conversation.

This subtle conversation is, as far as I can tell, a feature in all forms of Paganism that I have learned about or studied.  Whether you are dealing with the Wheel of the Year or trying to coordinate Festivals to the Hellenic Gods; the holidays and holy days of Pagans deal, at their most fundamental level, with finding a right relationship with the Gods and with the World around us.

This subtle conversation is why we learn to pay attention to our breath, to open and focus our awareness with meditation, to center ourselves in prayer.  This give and take is why we (or many of us) make offerings unto our Gods, offering Them all due respect and honor, sharing our bounty with Them and building our rightful relationships with Them.

I took a few minutes to pour some libations just now, inspired by my thoughts and writing to pour to the Ancestors and the Beloved Dead, to the Spirits of this place and the garden and the crops, and to the Gods.

I have a lot to do today, working on some writing projects and searching for some better paying work prospects; then to work at one of the two part-time jobs.  First, though, I think I shall spend a few minutes just sitting and seeking inspiration and wisdom, listening.



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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