Notes upon the Journey May, 24th 2009

Dear Pagani,

SO, last night I was called upon to provide a late night ride home for one of my room-mates who was stranded far from home late at night by some rather sleazy acquaintances of his.  Once again I must ask…

“Dear Goddess,

If your Law is Love unto all beings, why must you make some of them in such a way as that their natural behaviors and inclinations are SO unlovable?”

Anyhow, last nights adventures, led to much sleeping in today on my part, and an almost entirely lazy day today.  BBQ chicken and ribs for Lunch/Breakfast, I was the last one up… followed by several hands of Rummy (or our own variation of it)  between myself and The Big Guy.

Then I did some hunting through the boxes of books in the garage to find some volumes of poetry and a few other dear books to read or, rather, re-read.  I also culled some e-mail lists from my accounts that I no longer really participate in… I also reactivated a few that I feel pulled to renew my connection with.

Over all a delightfully slack-filled kind of day!

I have a week of lite work schedule this next week and will be geting some major job searching done, in addition to some major writing projects hammered out.



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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