What Sia said!

Dear Pagani,



Sia Vogel,

By the powers invested in me as a Witch and a Queen (but not a Witchqueen cause that’s different) I hereby declare that you, officially Rock!

Much Love and Humor and Thanks,



So kids, for a fun and productive June arts and crafts project for your blogs and websites how about fomenting a social revolution?  Here’s how!

1. Right click on the image above and choose “Save Image As” to save it to your Computer.

2. Upload it to your blog or website as a virtual protest sign!

3.  If this cause moves you, and you’d like to take action, check out the Join The Impact blog and click on the link below!

Fight the H8 in Your State
Peace, and Humor and Civil Rights for All,

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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