Why bring up Pagan Values, Virtues or Ethics?

So I have issued a call and challenge

And many Paganfolk have chosen to answer this little call of mine and take up the challenge of writing about Pagan Values.  None of whom I have had the privilege of meeting, yet, many of whom I have read and been an admirer and student of their words and ideas.  I have also been blessed to meet some entirely new acquaintances through this little idea of mine.

I seem to have struck a chord with folks, some of whom have already started the blogging event early, and I am glad!

For one thing it’s nice to learn I’m not the only person to feel this way, for another…

We Pagans as ~a movement, and withing our regional and religious communities~  need to have these conversations and to think about these things, and having written essays and texts that we can turn back to, and to wrestle with and sometimes question the ideas displayed therein.   We need to have some serious conversations within our faiths and between our many different faiths and spiritual and philosophical paths within this budding community of ours.

We also need to be able to show and to discuss with people from other paths and faiths that we Pagans are actually not at all what they have been told we are.  We are a people who care, who love, who keep to our word, who strive to follow an ethical way of living our lives in accordance with the ways of our ancestors and with our different spiritual paths.

We need to not only discuss our values, our morals, and the virtues and ethics that shape them, and us; we need as a movement, as communities, to start discussing in a larger scale how do we wish to carry thes values forward in our own lives?  What actions shall we take in our daily lives to act in accord to these guiding principles?  What values have the first generation of modern Pagans raised in our spiritualities grown up with?  What are we teaching the next generation of modern Pagans?

What do you think?

One thought on “Why bring up Pagan Values, Virtues or Ethics?

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