Notes on the Journey June 1st, 2009 2:05am and 9:45am

Dear Pagani,

There is nothing better to cause one a fitful lack of sleep than a brief flashing thought of ones own mortality scampering across the fore ~brain late at night.

So I have been puttering on the blog adding some new links and surfing some of the Hellenic Polytheism boards and various Pagan sites.

So I typed the above early this morning as I wrestled with insomnia.  I’ve been having a lot of sleep trouble lately.  This morning I can barely string coherent thought together.  I am cutting back on coffee and increasing my excercise in an attempt to reset my internal clock.

I am working on more Pagan Values essays, and on the rewrite of the Pagan Community Builing pages.

Searching the web last night found me surfing to a number of Hellenic Polytheist and Recon websites.  It is both strange and quite natural that I should be drawn towards the Hellenic Gods, or for that matter towards the Greco-Egyptian practices of Neos Alexandria.

Strange in that as far as I can trace I have no blood connection to Greece, or for that matter Egypt.  I am of Scots, Sweedish, and Irish extraction via immigration, and a brief sojourn in Canada on my paternal grandfathers side.  So in terms of ancestory, at least, I am a much better candidate for Celtic Reconstruction/Celtic Polytheism or some species of Heathenry than I am for the Hellenic.

It is also quite natural in the Pagan myths and legends I was most exposed to as a child were those of the Greek Gods.  As a child in gradeschool I had, for two years running a set of vocabulary workbooks that featured the (only slightly) sanitized stories of the Greek Myths.  Then too I was always a reader and always fascinated by mythology and legends.  My general fascination with these things, in addition to a love of science fiction and fantasy, and being a very bookish humanities geek from early childhood, and a fascination witht he occult; all of these things led me to read widely in legends and lore and history.

Somehow the Hellenic Gods kept comming up, even when I wasn’t actively looking for Them. (Read about Pax’s first encounter with Hecate, and his first and last encounter with the Morrigan, here) (and a few of his other woo-woo moments here, for those that are curious)

So now I am lighting my incense and pouring libations and trying to unscrew the inscrutable while building my relationships with Gods both foriegn and familiar, in addition to my relationship with the First Goddess and First God of my heart.

And I am still seeking, still learning.

May you always seek and always learn!


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