Nothing New Under the Sun: Pagan Virtues Values and Ethics

Dear Pagani and Friends,

So in a fit of inspiration and curiosity I used my powers of googlemancy to scry upon the Internet on the topic of Pagan Virtues, Values, and Ethics.  While it bothered me not to find any articles I hadn’t already checked out from the current blog carnival; I was pleased to discover that there are already a lot of ideas and discussions and pockets of thoughtfulness on these topics out there in the world!

Pagan Newspaper Columnists have been meditating on what “family values” means when your Pagan.

Some sincere Christians have sought to understand Pagan Values in order to better minister their gospel to us.  (The entire article is a rather fascinating study in how some of the more liberal Christians see us…)

(Also worthy of note is how in both of the above articles there is a mashing together of the idea of Paganism with Witchcraft and Popular Wicca… this makes me feel that it is especially important that we have some in-community discussions of these things!)

Some Atheists are looking at how the religious and political Far Right have started to equate anything that disagrees with their theocratic views a Paganism and by extension devil worship.

Starhawk has posted on her view of Pagan Values and Politics in the past.

In Podcasts and Blogs, Pagans who are also parents are trying to figure out what values and virtues and ethics to teach their children, and how.

Within Paganism our own Elders and Philosophers been writing books examining these issues for a while now, and non-Pagan philosopher’s have also looked to the ancient values of Paganism and found them worthy of study!

(Having indirectly mentioned his work, I would also point out that Dr. Brenden Myers has been quite vocal on the podcasts in discussing these issues… here, and here, for example!)

The discussion about Pagan values, and virtues, and ethics isn’t new or innovative; it is however important.  So please, please post to your blog and comment on others and don’t be afraid to take these conversations into your face to face community!



5 thoughts on “Nothing New Under the Sun: Pagan Virtues Values and Ethics

  1. (grin)

    I haven’t seen it anywhere else, although that doesn’t mean it’s original… feel free to file the serial numbers off of it though!

    Peace and Humor,

    1. Pax

      I am not sure whether she would or not. I tend to use elder when sometimes community leader might be more appropriate.

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