struggling to keep up, and loving it!

Friends, Pagans, Netizens…

So the International Pagan Values Blogging Month, dedicated to encouraging blogging about Pagan Virtues, Values, and Ethics; has taken off quite nicely!

It’s June 5th and we have 32 posts across the blogosphere.  Words of wisdom and inquiry and idealism and contemplation of our movements ideas and experiences on the tpic of Values.  Witches and Hellenics and Heathens and Druids and Neo-Pagans and Atheists and Quakers… the Pagan movement is truly a diverse lot?!

And the essays… I will be posting a ‘snapshot’ of some of the blog posts that have struck me for one reason or another.  I will also be creating a page here at Chrysalis that will link to all the essays I know about; and to answer the questions I’ve seen floating around, I am thinking of making this an annual event.  I have been trying to post the essays to MetaPagan, but some folks have a daily output and I am writing some things of my own, and being inspired to write more…

I am having a little trouble keeping up with it all, but I am SO, so glad for it!  I am learning a lot, both about the values, virtues, and ethics that are encouraged or present in our various Pagan paths; and about myself and my ouwn values as I think upon and react to the posts I read.

Thank you all and keep the posts comming!



One thought on “struggling to keep up, and loving it!

  1. Hiya Pax,

    I’ve been loving your posts so far, but have to admit I’ve been finding it difficult to find everyone elses! At some point will there be a list of participants? That would be great! I’m so glad this is really taking off.

    I’ve just posted my first of a four part series, hope you like!


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