Keeping up!

Hello folks!

So Haley at Iridescent Dark, who wrote a fabulous post for the Pagan Values Blogging Month, mentions she’s loving the blog carnival and is having trouble keeping up with all the posts… I can relate, but there are some resources available.

You can track the posts at MetaPagan…  or if you find a post you can submit it to the MetaPagan feed!  (information here)

I’ve been using the comments section at my original posts,  to track down blogs that have agreed to post something, and then once they do so I sumbit the blog posts to MetaPagan myself… although there have been a few posts that were posted by others…  I am creating a list on my delicious bookmarks of both posts I add and find added to metapagan… I have decided to archive this years contributions here at Chrysalis.

I know Cat Vincent has set up a hashtag on Twitter – #paganvaluesmonth … this apparently allows folks to follow any Tweets about posts… (I am so NOT a Twitteratti… but for those that are get to it and start sharing there!)

Anyway, I hope this helps you Haley, and anyone else looking to investigate this fascinating community discussion!

Also please let me know if you set up other social networking ways for this event to be tracked!

Peace, and Thanks,


2 thoughts on “Keeping up!

  1. Hi Pax — As my contribution to International Pagan Values Blogging Month, I’m posting Part 1 of “Values on the Goddess Path” at my blog on Monday, June 8 and Part 2 on Tuesday, June 9. There may be some further Parts to this series, I’m not sure.

  2. Hiya Pax,

    Very helpful thankyou! I’ve just found the contributed posts on Metapagan, and I’m laughing with glee at the thought of reading all these posts . . . gonna take some time, but surely worth it! Thanks again!

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