Notes on the Journey July 2nd, 2009 4:29 pm

Hello my dear friends, and fellow Pagans,

A Month of Values, A Month of Change

What a month June turned out to be!  I had declared International Pagan Values Blogging Month in part as a whim a sense of needing to do something about feeling as if certain factions within the more dominant religions were always painting themselves as the one to invent, and the only ones to live with, Values and Ethics and Virtue.  I was worried folks wouldn’t notice, as it turned out, I had trouble keeping up with all the responses and posts, and in the coming month, or two, I will be creating a page here at Chrysalis to link to all of the wonderful essays I encountered in the last month.  This month has at once re-enforced some of my own values and virtues and ethics and forced me to examine and rethink some things.

June has also proven to be a month of interesting changes and challenges.

I transfered to a new job within the theme park I work at and it has proven to be even more part-time than my previous permanent part-time job there!  Now while this has given me free-time, it has also increased my economic stress considerably.

So I did some serious thinking about prosperity and my needs and prayed and did magic for some prosperity.

And my familly came through in an unexpected way!  With my brother’s advice, my father has decided to give me an allowance, made up of the money that would have been/is my inheritance.   It makes more sense for him to help me now when I need it than for me to fall flat because of the bad economy and my poor timing for entry into the Hospitality and Restaurant industry.   This monthly stipend will help me pay my share of the bills, help me to pay off my Student Loans, and to help me better compete in the job market!

Two of my room-mates who were hunting for work recently found it within days…

Now I try to take such things with a grain of salt.  While I won’t take credit for the current wave of prosperity I will be thankful for it, so have been offering incense like mad of late!  Whatever it’s true cause this current wave of prosperity has come just in time, in a number of ways…

My old computer died on me a couple of weeks ago!  I got a new one yesterday and am learning Vista (it doesn’t really seem as confusing or horrible as so many people seem to think, so what’s the deal I wonder?) and also fine tuning this new computer with downloads of favored programs and transfers of my files and music and such.  Luckily I have the money to get the new one!

In the profits column of the ledger, my Editor at Thorn magazine has also green-lighted a new series of articles/interviews for the website… so keep your eyes peeled here and there!

I also went to my first U.U. service this last Sunday.  It’s a local church where they have a Pagan group and I actually know some of the folks from other events in the Orlando MetroPagan community.  This has triggered some more thoughts of fellowship and community in my mind, to rattle around with thoughts on Virtues and Values, and living Magicly, and on relating to the Gods and to those who strive for excellence and…

Well, I have a lot of new thoughts and experiences rattling around my head and heart and will be writing more upon them as I am able… I have to go wade through a few days worth of e-mail back-logs on my personal and job-search/professional e-mail accounts now…



2 thoughts on “Notes on the Journey July 2nd, 2009 4:29 pm

  1. Hi Pax — Unitarian Universalists are great. I’ve been involved with them at different points over the years whenever I feel the need for a larger spiritual community. UUs are tolerant, friendly, spiritually adventurous people!

  2. Pax

    Hey Debra!

    Yeah I can ‘dig’ Unitarian Universalism and I know some of the folks from one of the Orlando U.U. Churches already, which helps. I wasn’t really “churched” as a kid so this is an interesting and educational experience for me… hrmm…. perhaps I should blog on the challenges after I get home from Services tomorrow?!


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