Celebrating the Spell of Democracy

Happy U.S. Independence Day everybody!!!!

The 4th of July, as we in the States also know this beloved National Day, commemorates the adoption and publication of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  (Fun History Fact: Historically and Legally speaking the U.S. separated from Britain on July 2nd 1776, when the Continental Congress agreed to adopt the resolution for seeking independence!)


I will be pouring libations and making offerings of incense unto the Gods and Heroe’s on my nation as will many of my fellow Pagan practitioner’s of the Religio Americana.  I have written of the Religio Americana previously, so I won’t bore you with the background ~ suffice to say it’s a natural outgrowth of my idealism and patriotism!

I will be pouring libations of water, and wine, and good New World rum, to the Founding Father’s (and Mothers like  Betsy Ross the semi-legendary seamstress of the first U.S. Flag) and the Gods of my Nation.  Perhaps you are wondering at my phrase ‘the Gods of my Nation…’?

Well, how about Truth, Justice, Lady Liberty (in her ancient and modern forms), and of course Uncle Sam and Columbia?

Today I will be honoring all of Them as I celebrate the founding of my Nation.


Oh, and if you are wondering about the title… well, when you look at the circumstances and procedure of the Declaration of Independence (and in some of the same ways  the Constitution), you have a pretty darn effective spell working now don’t you?  Now I’m not saying that it was done AS such, but it certainly follows the same basic rules… framing and forming ones intentions (the decision to split from Britain), symbolic acts (writing the Declaration), empowering it (signing it ~ effectively their death warrants had the Revolution failed!) and acting in accord… (the Revolutionary War)

Funny how magic works, huh?




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