Notes on the Journey Wednesday, July 8 2009 10:41pm

Hello all,

So I am settling into the new computer nicely adding all my required programs and geeking out on a couple of new obsessions… Sid Meier’s game Pirates, and the Web Comic Girl Genius. I’ve also recently discovered the Steam Punk subculture and think I have found a true aesthetic home….

Other than wallowing in my own personal geekery I’ve just sort of been slacking for the last week or so… partly because I had a lot of stuff go on in a short amount of time and partly because my doctor has put me on Blood Pressure medication and I am just beginning to get myself sorted out from that.

It’s been an interesting ride actually, there generally I just feel much more relaxed and a touch light headed… there are a occasional dizzy spells, and other time where I feel like I am a glass of wine away from some fabulous hallucinatory experience….  so uhm, yeah I’ve been a little distracted as of late.

I have also, in the last couple of weeks been attending a local U.U. church and enjoying / being challenged by the experience.

More soon,


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