There’s a reason it’s called “Practice”

An not just because it helps us to perfect ourselves either, it’s because you have to keep doing it.  Whether it’s meditating in silence, or deep effective breathing, or going to the U.U. services, or Circling, or chanting, or praying… you’ve got to keep going at it and doing it… even on the days when you are tired or when time or money make it difficult…

Which is to say that this last Sunday I had to hammer down parts of myself and just GO to service.  I know I keep talking about it, but I think tomorrow is the day I stretch some of my spiritual muscles again.

The biggest hazard of the Solitary path is that the encouragement and example and inspiration of other grove members or coveners or church members is absent.  There’s this mix of eagerness to share and sense of responsibility with spiritual work in a group; it just makes it easier to get off one’s butt and DO!

At least it does for me, so expect more than a few posts of ramblings about my practice… in addition to my meditations on community, and some expansions into my other passions and interests….



One thought on “There’s a reason it’s called “Practice”

  1. I agree it’s hard to remain consistent and “in practice” while walking a solitary path. I’ve been a part of a coven, and there were certain things I took for granted simply because they always happened. Sabbats and Esbats got celebrated. “Shop talk” and sharing of ideas happened. Personal practice just flowed. These things were simply part of being in a community. Now as a solitare, who gathers when possible with a women’s mysteries group that is NOT a coven, I miss the group work, the group mind, the inevitablity of community and practice.

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