Finding fellowship within the U.U.


Dear Friends, Pagani, and Fellow U.U.’s,

Perhaps you’ve noticed the new look for the site, and perhaps you’ve noticed the new subtitle…

Chrysalis: One Unitarian Universalist, Helenically Polytheistic, Witch’s Journey

Well,  as I’ve mentioned before I have been attending a local Unitarian Universalist church, the First Unitarian Church of Orlando.  I’ve gone here because some of the folks I’ve met at events in the local Pagan community were members of both this congregation, and the Mystic Grove, a Pagan affinity group within the Congregation at F.U.C.O.

I am enjoying the experience of finding friendship and fellowship with others.  I am also enjoying the opportunities for deep and complex face-to-face conversation with fellow Pagans.

Then too there is the newness of the whole church going experience!  I really wasn’t “churched” as a child, except for a couple of summer camp experiences that were, I suspect, a lot more about giving my stay at home mom a break than indoctrinating me.

I am also finding myself really excited at the possibilities for involvement in Church and community goings on, although I am trying to take things very slowly… this time.  In the past I have dived in and had some troubles so now I am just trying to relax and learn how things operate and balance the spiritual, work, and personal elements of my life.



9 thoughts on “Finding fellowship within the U.U.

  1. Dragon

    After reading about your experiences I have been contemplating attending the local UU church in my town. I have not been able to find any Pagan groups nearby and I am longing for spiritual community. I don’t know of any Pagans that attend the church but several members of my community sustainability group attend. I would be elated if I found Pagans among the parishners. Even if I don’t, I am hoping to find some like-minded seekers who can appreciate the divine in nature. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Pax.

    1. Pax

      Hey Dragon!

      You are welcome! It can be really difficult to find community and fellowship for contemporary Pagans.

      Even if you don’t find fellow Pagans at your local U.U., I am sure you will be able to find an environment that will nurture you in your own spiritual and religious journey! See if they have a C.U.U.P’s chapter and… here I go… going into community builder/nudge mode… if you need want some advice in hunting for community drop me a comment and we can e-mail… or maybe I’ll post something!

      Happy Hunting!


  2. Hi, Pax!

    I recently spent most of a week with UU musicians and music ministers at the UU Musicians Network Conference. It was amazing, fun, and disorienting.

    Blessed be,

    1. Pax

      Sounds fabulous!

      I just got home from a weekly Bhhuddist meditation group at the U.U. Some fabulous and interesting folks in that diverse fellowship!

      1. I bet! Cool. 🙂

        Lots and lots of people like to tell me how similar UUs and Quakers are… after that week at UUMN, I can safely say, “Yeah, right,” but with a smile. I’m looking forward to next year.

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