“You like me! You really, really like me!!!”

witchawardSo Svartesol over at Vanic Thoughts has awarded me the Real Witch Achievement Award, orignated by Juniper over at Walking The Hedge.

I would like to thank Svartesol for this award.  I also want to that the Lady and Lord of Witchcraft, as well as the Theoi and the Netjer of Alexandria, and of course, mom!!

(snif, sob)

In addition to being given this honor, I am expected to pay it forward…

The rules are as follows…

This is meant to be a show of respect and/or appreciation, but it can still be delivered with some affectionate humour and so forth

This award can go to any website, group, blog, individual, podcast, organization, magazine or newsletter, forum, networking site and so forth that you feel has done a good service to the community or added something important, special, unique etc to the Community.

~Post the award on your website, blog, etc in some way. Remember to thank your mom!

~Mention the person who gave you the award.

~Select three new recipients of this award you feel are worthy.

~Send them the award via email, by commenting on their forum, by printing it and handing it to them, etc

~Announce your choices on your website, in your magazine, on your podcast etc

Juniper in the post announcing the first awards….

And the Real Witch Achievement Award Winners (Chrysalis edition) Winner’s are….

The Wigglian Way

This  Canadian and Wiccan podcast at 50+ episodes and going strong, podcasts a blend of Music and Humor and Discussion and has really taken a place as one of the major Pagan Podcasts in North America.  I listen to them every episode and you can hardly shake a stick amongst the podkin without hitting one of their fans.  (not that I would suggest riling the podkin up in such a manner, mind you!)


This blog uses delicious tagging to aggregate the Best in Pagan Blogs and content across the net.  The best part is that anyone can place a post they find into the feed!   They are providing an important clearing house for ideas and writing from across the Pagan Internet!  (Mind you, the editors tend to discourage individuals from posting their OWN posts to the feed, it’s meant to be more of a “hey look at this it’s cool” space than a “LOOK AT MEEEE!” kind of space, but if you’ve written something outstanding… well they’ve been know to let that slide every once in a great while….)

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt has become THE Pagan community news site.  Jason blogs about news stories that relate to, affect, or feature Pagans, Paganism and many aspects of the Occult community.  The comments section is often a hotbed of discussion and opinion on current events in, and relating to, the contemporary Pagan movement.

I would like to thank Juniper for creating this award, and Svartesol for awarding it to me.  I would also like to thank Mojo & Sparrow,  Jason & Yvonne & Cat & Chas, and Jason again, for their inspiration and their unique contributions to the Pagan Community!



3 thoughts on ““You like me! You really, really like me!!!”

  1. Thank you very much for the award and the kind words, Pax! We’re glad that you are enjoying the show.

    The Wigglian Way is a labour of Love and as listeners know, it’s all about the Love!

    Sparrow and I never would have believed the Love returned to us from our listeners and the greater pagan community.

    Thank you again.

    The Wigglian Way

  2. svartesol

    Congratulations. I was glad to award this to you. 🙂

    And yay, I’m glad someone is awarding MetaPagan and The Wild Hunt. They deserve it, too.

    -Siggy (Svartesol)

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