I have a habit of life changes at or near the September Equinox

Or so I am begining to think…

I am writing this from a room for rent in an townhouse apartment here in Orlando, Fl.  I am trying to start getting things back into some semblance of structure and order in my life after roughly a month of free-flowing and a bit of free-fall after the formal end of my relationship with The Big Guy.  (my ex’s nickname for those new to this little soapbox of mine…)

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the online Pagan world, Jason over at the Wild Hunt has created a new  organization called the Pagan Newswire Collective.

Some discussions on Pagan Community Builders have focused lately on new media and social networking in community building.

And I am trying to get back into the swing of things… still feel kind of like the fight has been taken out of me for a bit… I’ve GOT to write an article for the next issue of Thorn.

I am still here, and still writing, and still praying… praying is about all I’ve been able to muster.  I did as a part of my moving out process, and as I look back on it a fairly petty maneuver, call back the energies I had expended on blessing the old house, and those living there.  Things got a bit petty and nasty near the end…  I said some snarky things and some games were played with me, but thats in the past and I am choosing to let it remain there.

The title of this comes from the recently realized fact that I’ve made major job changes in my life  on or near the September Equinox (Autumnal in the north/ Vernal in the South) .  I moved to Orlando 4 years ago just after the Equinox to start a life with my Partner, and now am moving back into Orlando to start a life of my own…

More later folks,

Bright Blessings,


PS- dear friends I haven’t called, many of you are mad busy right now, as am I.  I am also in the process of getting a new phone, as soon as things on that front are situated the flow of conversation will resume/increase!

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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