The Universe has a sense of humor, you have been warned….

So I am sitting here in my new apartment, my nascent Witchy man cave puttering with the internet and flirting with guys and surfing the steampunk sites and otherwise chillaxing… when I decided to be Witchy… I went into my altar and began shuffling the Tarot cards… not really intending a reading, simply getting back in touch with them…

Part of this has been inspired by my recent spell calling good things and blessings and friends to me, which has brought a number of fun geeky gay bearish kinky Pagan type guys into my life lately… including this one guy… who if I had met him at any other point in my single existance OTHER than a couple of months after being broken up with by my Partner of 4 years… I might have eagerly and happilly thrown myslef into a delightful relationship with…

We talk all the time, share scads of the same interests, we make one another laugh, and we are both at starting points in new careers and lives and have agreed to date (non-exclusively for now) and take things slow…. except that all sorts of our conversations somehow end up with us talking about future plans for us?!

This has me a little nervy, given everything… and then the Universe decided to give me a wedgy…

As I was shuffling a card popped out of the deck looking all innocent and face down at my feet as I sat holding the cards cross-legged on the floor. (note to self, get a chair and desk….)   It was The Lovers…

!?The Lovers?!

I am shuffling my Tarot cards for the first time in many months and the first card to foist itself upon me is The Lovers!  THE LOVERS!!!  ….AIIEEE!!!!….

I had a brief but spectacular panic, and then settled down to read some more cards… the basic message was to not let this relationship distract me from my career and personal goals, and for me to be careful with my money, and that this relationship could bring a great deal of happiness provided I/we put the right effort into it and that we were both bringing the best of ourselves to the table.

(my interpretation anyway, and my cards and no I shan’t be sharing the exact cards thank you…. somethings, are gifts of the Gods…)

However you believe the Tarot works, when you apply yourself to it there is a lot of wisdom and common sense available through them!

But as I said, the Universe has a sense of humor, you have been warned.



2 thoughts on “The Universe has a sense of humor, you have been warned….

  1. You forgot to mention how absurdly cute this new guy in your life is, and what a great kisser he is (or should I mention that) and how fabulous and talented and most importantly how humble he is too. 🙂

    1. Pax

      yes you should mention his kissing, he’s fan-friggin’-tastic at it!!! He’s also really clever! Check out his T-shirt websites while you’re at it!!!

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