I talk a very good game…

I really do.

You’d look at the Spiritual Practice page and probably think I am some sort of raise with the dawn, meditate & Yoga and a cup of tea Witch of the first water…

Sadly, Not so much.  I am VERY much enmeshed and ingrained with the messages of helplessness and lack-of-worth spewed at us all each day by what some authors call the Overculture.   I also have a lot of baggage that I am only now beginning to appreciate and work through.   In service to that working through, I am re-reading and working through the journaling and meditations in Kissing The Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle.

(fabulous book, should probably be on the 101 reading list of every Witch and Pagan out there….for a lot of reasons)

One of the points she makes in there is that we can’t just do a spell to eliminate a bad habit or a dysfunctional personality trait… you have to look at it understand it and accept it as a part of you before you can release all the energy you’ve bottle up into it over the course of time.  Which is very smart and insightful….

In service to getting a more balanced life back I slept almost the whole day today… so as to work the 11pm-7am shift at the new job, have a few good hours afterward so that among other things I can start attending Sunday Services at the U.U. again.  That place and those folks feed my spirit, and this life is too short not to nurture our spirits and do the things that bring us balance and joy.



2 thoughts on “I talk a very good game…

  1. I agree, that book of Thorn’s is really good.
    I’ve effectively used her methods for dealing with demons.
    Takes a moon or two, but some of those parts of me were resistant to reintegration!

    Terri in Joburg

  2. I can so empathize with your quest to find balance. I too have been trying to walk the fine line between restorative sleep, productive activity, mudane money making, and spiritual fulfillment. It’s nice to know others are walking a similar path. I’m going to check out Coyle’s book too. I loved Evolutionary Witchcraft. Hopefully this one will be as enlightening.



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