Technicolor Morning, a remembrance.

Dear Friends and Pagani,

So, as previously mentioned, I am re-reading and working through the journaling and meditations in Kissing The Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle.

One of the journaling and thought excericises in the book relates to examining what, when, and how we are discouraged or allow ourselves to give in to fear and discouragement.  In addition to taking a moment to breath, and to examine these impulses and then move forward anyway, one of the things Thorn recommends is to find an image that inspires you and think upon it when wrestling with these moments of self-doubt or self-defeat.

Here, today, in the interest of writing again and getting of my Blogging-self’s butt, is mine.

Anchorage, Alaska.  September 2001.  It was a week or so after September 11th.

I had woken up early and taken the bus to a local tea shoppe that I was frequenting at the time.  I stepped off the bus and into Glory….

Anchorage is a town situated between the Cook Inlet and Mountains, in a glacial bowl valley.  The sun was rising from behind the mountains to the East, and there were two cloud banks, one in the sky above the mountains, and another laying low at the mountains base.  The rays of the dawning Sun were bouncing between the two cloud banks and were gently and perfectly diffused bathing every atom and cell in the Anchorage bowl in a glorious golden Technicolor light.  Shapes were more defined, colors were perfect and vivid, the light just penetrated my body and bathed my very soul in light, and hope, and a moment of Grace. Everything… Every.  Blessed.  Thing.  Looked new and clean and beautiful!

I call this the Technicolor morning and I mean it, it was like an image from a movie, the only thing missing was an orchestral and ethereal choir singing of the wonder and beauty of the world.

So these days when I feel discouraged or doubtful, I turn my mind to my Technicolor Morning.  Where do you turn your mind?



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