Still here…

So I am trying to blog here regularly, and to work through my journaling and self-improvement efforts.  I am also trying to pull together an article for Thorn.

…I just have been having trouble finding my creativity or my passion….

I breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through my mouth, taking in breath and energy into my heart chakra and into my Center, somewhere in between my base and my sacral chakras.   I see myself in my Witches Cottage, my own special place of imagination and magic… that I sometimes flatter myself to believe is on the Astral Plane.  I see myself sweeping and cleaning and moping and picking things up and … somone else is doing some work on the door and part of the roof… as big storm came through but its still there.

…and so am I.  So is my creativity… even if I am having trouble reaching into it.

I am also listening to my podcasts, including the new Spiritscast from Feithline Stuart, the podcaster formerly known as Darkly Fey of the Darkside of Fey with her fabulous new podcast….  And I’ve lately been listening to the Pagan Centered Podcast.

… I’ve started taking an interest in things again… been trying to catch the news again, and searching out the blogs… and just trying to get involved in things again.  I made it back to services at Church recently, and had a delightful conversation with Mama Rhaevyn recently….
Things are getting better and going good!

2 thoughts on “Still here…

    1. Pax

      Well, Heck! Sure thing Dave, you guys have grown into a darn entertaining and high quality show!!!! Thanks for the comment and the visit!!

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