Spiritual Practice and Momentum

Dear Friends and Pagani,

So, as previously mentioned, I am working with T. Thorn Coyle’s book Kissing The Limitless recently.  The essays and visualizations and meditations and journaling exercises in it have really been helping me to reacquaint myself with, well, myself.  I breathe into my Center and pray daily and have been not only acknowledging some of my ongoing issues, but been able to poke and prod and puzzle them out.  Not only acknowledging them but actually understanding their history and place in my life in the past and in the present.

Its interesting to me how consciously breathing into my center has gone, in a few short weeks, from an exploratory practice to a habitual or reflexive action.  I also am feeling so much more, well, centered – and calm and capable.  I am also not feeling nearly as melancholy as I had been feeling lately after the break-up.  There’s a point in KTL, where Coyle talks about has as you build your spiritual practice you begin to find a momentum and daily practice builds upon daily practice.  I have been experiencing that lately.  Inspired by my work with KTL and by some of my past dabbling explorations of my Chakra’s I have also recently picked up and am working with Wheels of Light by Anodea Judith.  I have been working with my tarot cards recently, mainly shuffling them and simply spending time with them regularly… not a vigorous study… yet…

I have also been going for walks again, trying to get just a little more excercise and build up to going to the health center/gym in the apartment complex once I can go for a vigorous 30 minute walk without getting winded.  Moving again, and feeling like I am finally waking up after the break up.  Its like my heart and heart Chakra just shut down in the aftermath of that; a feeling rather like some personal pilot light went out within my soul.

In addition to rebuilding spiritual practices, I have been trying to rekindle my fires by reading my blogs(many of the ones to the right of the screen) and listening to my podcasts and looking for new ones.  Here’s a few podcasts that have been helping me rekindle my personal fires.


“SpiritsCast is a (mostly) pagan podcast that is recorded in Southwestern Ontario, but hopes to reach the world with education and information on alternative spiritual practices and beliefs. It is produced by Feithline Stuart, who is the former hostess of “The Dark Side of Fey”.”

So now I breath into my center, and ground myself, and open myself to the inspiration of the Gods, and dive into my spirit and self.

Pagan Centered Podcast

Another long running, and widely distributed Podcast with a discussion format and on occasion a lot of cussing.  Some folks have compared this podcast to drive-time DJ’s for the Pagan community.  Rarely dull and always informative.

Elemental Castings

A fabulous Podcast series from renowned Feri Tradition Witch and author T. Thorn Coyle.

Are three podcasts that I’ve been doing a lot of listening to lately in addition to my habitual listening of the Wigglian Way…

The Wigglian Way

A fascinating Canadian podcast entering its 3rd year, Sparrow and Mojo also are the only Pagan Podcast to be included in the religions category of the 2008 Podcast Awards!

So here’s to breathing to our Center’s and rekindling our fires dear friends and fellow Pagani,



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