Giving Thanks to the Elders

(This is an open letter to the Elders and Leaders of every Path and Faith and Tradition within the contemporary Pagan Movement)

Dear Elders, Living and amongst the Mighty and Honored Dead,


Thank you.  Thank you for blazing the trails so many of us now walk.  Thank you for weathering the storms of controversies past.  Thank you for the courage and strength it took to keep moving along your own paths in the face of the many metaphorical slings and arrows (and occasional rocks through the windows) aimed at you; both from outside, and sadly sometimes from within, our communities.  Thank you for your scholarship and for your creativity and inspired inventions.  Thank you for your inspiration.  Thank you for your leadership.  Thank you for teaching and sharing your words and hard won wisdom and lore.

Thank you, thank you, a thousand-fold thank yous!


Geoffrey D. Stewart, known as Pax

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