Testings oneself, and exploring…

So I took an online Spiritual/Religious Belief System Selector Quiz over at selectsmart.com….  partly on a whim and partly out of a curiosity as to where Paganism and UU would fall in the standings… and interested to find out what else might show up…

1. Neo-Pagan (100%) Books, etc. Information link
2. Unitarian Universalism (97%) Books, etc. Information link
3. New Age (92%) Books, etc. Information link
4. Liberal Quakers – Religious Society of Friends (87%) Books, etc. Information link
5. Mahayana Buddhism (79%) Books, etc. Information link
6. Mainline – Liberal Christian Protestants (74%) Books, etc. Information link

Interesting, these results, and a little surprising on the mainline Liberal Christian Protestant listing…  There were actually a lot more listings, but these were the top ones…

4 thoughts on “Testings oneself, and exploring…

  1. That was kind of fun – my top 6 were the same as yours, though not in quite the same order (1. Neo-Pagan, 2. Unitarian 3. Mahayans Buddhism 4. New Age 5. Liberal Protestant 6. Liberal Quaker). My percentages were much lower, though – Paganism got a 100%, but 2nd place, the Unitarians, were only 82%. Everything else was below 80%, and the bottom two were in the low 60’s.

    No idea what this really means except that, at least in the view of the quiz creator, I’m in the right place. And I’d make a really, really bad Jehovah’s Witness, apparently.

  2. Pax

    Yeah I found it interesting. I think these quizes can be a useful little scrying tool for one from time to time. I was reminded of them because one of the young women at the New Member’s Class at First Unitarian Church of Orlando actually first discovered Unitarian Universalism through one of them and then did some online study and reading and started coming to services!!!

    1. Pax

      Hey Gene,

      There is a Quaker meeting in town… (Gene’s a fellow survivor on the outskirts of the Holy Rodent Empire folks…)… I’m just not sure how Liberal they are…

      Given your recent reading here you might be interested in the Quaker Pagan Reflictions blog, Cat and Peter are both excellent and thoughtful people and writers!


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