6 thoughts on “The Best reply so far to Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh

  1. M. Henderson

    I love Keith Olbermann. We can always count on him to be AWESOME when he needs to be, and he looks just SO composed while he says nasty things! I wish I had that skill.

  2. Thank you Obi-wan Olbermanni, you’re our only hope.
    Seriously, though, I am continually amazed at how composed he is in all his ‘rants’ against the ignorant absurdity of others.

  3. Gene

    I am amazed that such a thing could have even been aired in the USA! On the other hand, the same media allowed the quotes that he referenced…

    1. Pax


      One of the many, many sad things about the tragedy in Haiti is the way that many “mainstream” commentators have let loose with some ignorant and petty-minded comments about Haitian Voudou, which many seem to ignore is the faith of a large part of the population.

      Jason Pitzl-Waters over at the Wild Hunt blog a Pagan oriented news blog, has a number of articles of interest related not only to Pagan efforts to help in this dreadful situation, but of some of the simmering bigotry that has been boiling over in public commentary here.


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