It’s SO on!! (imbolc poetry blogging)

So I was going through my Witches Datebook/Organizer the other night and it occurred that I hadn’t heard anything about this years Imbolc Poetry Blogging?!?  I was alarmed!

I am also realizing that I should probably read Anne’s Hill’s Blog of Gnosis a little more often…

“Life is hard enough; why shouldn’t we take all the full moon weekend leading up to February 2nd to celebrate this patroness of the arts and healing, and read her a poem or two?” ~ Anne Hill, in 5th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

This event has been going on for years now, and is one of those deeply cherrished events in the Pagan Blogosphere; I would like to encourage any of you Podcaster’s out there to take up this event as your own with an Bridget or Imbolc Poetry reading in one of your February episodes?

My first Poem is actually a repost of a my prayer for Haiti…

A Witches Prayer for the Haitian People

I Pray to You oh Mighty Mother and Forceful Father

I respectfully call out unto All the Holy Powers of the Universe,

Please bring all of Your Love and Compassion and Blessings to bear,

On the Island and the People of Haiti in this time of pain and suffering,

May the Holy Powers of Air inspire them and help them to communicate with their far flung families,

May the Holy Powers of Fire warm them and bring the healing of bodies,

May the Holy Powers of Water quench their thirst and bring the healing to their hearts,

My the Holy Powers of Earth feed them and lend them strength,

Blessed may You be,

Blessed may they be,

So mote it be.

Peace & Poetry to you and yours, and blessings to Haiti,


6 thoughts on “It’s SO on!! (imbolc poetry blogging)

    1. Pax

      Thank you Anne,

      Thank you, for keeping the flame of this lovely annual Tradition alive, it is a cherished bit of sacred fire burning in the ether. I am always happy to help spread the word about an blog or pod event, especially when I like it so much!


  1. Well, admittedly, people like Joe don’t observe Imbolc at this time of year. He observes the Feast of Thunar (Thor) to recognize Thor’s efforts to beat back the inimical Jotnar who try to destroy the human race.

    I wish he’d start a blog to talk about this kind of thing, but he’s not really the blogging type.

    1. Pax

      Well hon,

      I don’t know how open Heathens are to creating modern observances and festivals, in some sections of Hellenic Polythiest community its rather an accepted practice… show up to the new member potluck at the U.U. and we can talk more in depth re: this; BUT anyway, it would surprise me greatly if there weren’t poets and storyteller’s amongst the Aesir and Vanir…

      (apologies for any spelling error).

      As for Joe not being a blogger type, I do not know, that man can TALK!! (and unlike some I have known in the past he actually KNOWS what he’s talking about!!) I would be surprised if he could not come up with a pretty darn informative set of pages and essays… sort of like the old Sannion’s Sanctuary?


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