The Fabulous Jonathan demands blog-time

“Pagan this, Pagan that, Pagan the other…. what about your fabulous boyfriend?  Why don’t you blog about him?!” he says…

(as I raise the left eyebrow of mischief)

He is cute and delightful, and thinks he’s funny – sometimes he’s right…. he’s a former Catholic (imho still recovering from it), Witch, Theater Major, working in the Restaurant Management field.   He’s a cutie pie with fuzzy arms, sandy blond hair, and is a magnificent kisser!!

just sayin’



5 thoughts on “The Fabulous Jonathan demands blog-time

  1. it or not I am a cancer. I’m really shy and introverted except on Pax’s blog, where my ebil (its like evil but cuter) otherself takes over, and demands that my most handsome boyfriend talk about me. 🙂

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