Explaining the basics of a Faith

Dear Friends and Pagani,

So as a Pagan I have been trying for years, and still try, to figure out how to explain my faith as a Witch & Pagan to others.  I am now finding that in Unitarian Universalism this is also a challenge, thus the evolution of the “Elevator Speech”.  On his Facebook, Jason, from over at The Wild Hunt, shared this wonderful video from the Hindu American Foundation that eloquently shares the basics of Hinduism with only one word…

Peace and Namaste,


3 thoughts on “Explaining the basics of a Faith

  1. Pax

    Sure thing Haley,

    It is a good clip isn’t it?

    Oh, I changed the link to your new wordpress address, and thanks for the heads up your most recent post did amuse me and I can relate to it certainly!!


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