A nice little Valentines

Happy post Valentines dear readers,

So the Fabulous Jonathan and I went out to dinner and then to a nice little movie….

It’s intense, and rather gory… but given it’s a horror movie and given the subject and setting not unnecessarily so, I think.  It is a vivid, engaging, and intense re-imagining of the original film, and possibly the best horror movie I have seen ever.  I would SO recommend seeing it in a theather.

I also stand vindicated, since I had as Jonathan puts it “dragged” him to the The Young Victoria… THIS movie was also my choice.  It was funny He caught the fact that actress Emily Blunt was in both films, I hadn’t until I double checked the trailer.

I was struck by the resemblance I saw between Benicio Del Torro and Lon Chaney Jr….

more spiritual musings in the next day or so,



2 thoughts on “A nice little Valentines

  1. TFJ says, you did drag me to Young Victoria when there was a perfectly good vampire movie to go see! You are soooooo lucky we went to see Wolfman to satisfy the sick twisted evil (opppps i mean ebil) side of me. It was f’in fantastic, just perfectly gory enough with body parts everywhere! Ok so I like a good horror flick…sue me! And for those who wonder what ebil is…its like evil, but cuter! LOL BTW I love ya baby and I had a fantastic Valentines.

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