Listen and Learn…

There is NO knowledge that is not power.

Hey folks,

So Tuesday’s are tricky for me I usually end up waking up early in the day and remain awake until after I get home from work on Wednesday morning.  I usually try to sleep late or get a nap, but I made the mistake of catching up with one of my favorite Pagan podcasts, (sort of an online radio show for the non-geek savy out there…) The Wigglian Way.

This long-running Canadian produced Wiccan podcast has received numerous awards and is very highly regarded within the online Pagan community.  Hosts Mojo and Sparrow always bring honesty and excellence and humor to their show, which is a combination of discussion and music.  The last three episodes have featured interviews with Fritz Muntean and Louise Bunn.   Mr. Muntean and Ms. Bunn are Witches, Elders, and co-authors (with a Kara Cunningham) of a U.U. Adult RE Paganism Curriculum.

So, episode 63 and episode 64 feature a two-part interview with Fritz Muntean which covers the history of Neo-Paganism and large chunks of Witchcraft in North America.  There is also an extensive list of the books mentioned in this interview here...

Episode 65 is primarilly and interview with Ms. Bunn, relating to Witchcraft and Paganism 202 materials, and there is also a listing of books mentioned

This series of shows reminded me of the excellent Pagan History website as well as the Pagans for Archeology group, as well as my favorite episode of Druidcast, episode 4 which features Professor R. Hutton discussing the history of the Pagan horned god.

It also inspired me to do some re-writing and editing over on the Suggested Reading page

So basically it is going to be another very sleepy Wednesday morning for me…



2 thoughts on “Listen and Learn…

  1. Mojo

    Thanks for the kind words, Pax. Sitting down with Fritz and Louise is always a learning experience and I always come away having to rethink something that I thought I knew!

    1. Pax

      Hey Mojo!

      Your very welcome and do not think for a moment that they are not very well deserved! You and Sparrow do a phenomenal job. Funny and informative and honest and from the heart and the hip, your show is one of the first podcasts I became a regular listener of when I first started discovering the podcastosphere.

      Have a fabulous day, and thanks for checking out the blog.


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