Notes on the journey and I’ll be back next week-ish.

Dear Friends, Pagani, U.U.’s and random readers,

I open the blinds and breathe the daylight in through my pores and my Chakras as I listen to Feithline Stuart of the SpiritsCast podcast do her Ontario area Pagan events listing on her cast.  My mind turns to the local community here in Orlando and my own recent work as the Mystic Grove events coordinator.  Mystic Grove is a Pagan/Heathen fellowship (affinity group for those that speak U.U.) affiliated with the First Unitarian Church of Orlando.

Working with The Grove and with the Buildings and Grounds committee at Church (join a U.U. Church get put to work, it’s worse than a Bear Club!!)  are two of the ways I’ve been engaging in community lately.

I also circled this last week-end and…and…

…ok, I am SO just not feeling the creative flow…

Am in Chat with the amazing Feithline, star of blog, podcast, and Canadian Pagan Festivals everywhere, talking about my slightly blagh-ey lack of inspiration lately and discussing ways to work through it and she says…

“…trust your process, though.

Don’t push to produce when your spirit is calling for quiet and introspection.
The resulting product is usually crap.”
So I will plan to not post anything here for at least a week unless inspiration hits me really hard upside the head.  I am going to listen to music and clean my room and cook some fabulous food and otherwise give myself a little me time.   Much love to all of you!  See you in a week or so…
PS- am I the only one who in some strange way sometimes finds a LOT more fellowship and community online than in person?

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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