The Importance of Manners

Dear readers,

So on this one blog that I read, in the comments section, I have been getting into some vigorous exchanges with others a bit lately…

Pax~“Well, Much like a turd in a punch bowl, _____’s very negative opinion of other religions outside, and inside, of Paganism do seem keep popping up to the surface now don’t they?”

Unfortunately this simple, honest, and heartfelt expression of my humble opinion, was apparently misconstrued!!

One of ______’s online compatriots~ “I do not wish to “report” the above statement by Pax, and I very much hope it does not get deleted. But I do want to call attention to the rude, insulting and highly personal nature of what Pax is saying about ______.

In particular note how a vague, negative and personally insulting characterization of ______ substitutes for any attempt to respond specifically to anything that _______ has actually said.”

I must admit, I was a bit shocked to see my simple comment taken so wildly out of context, as I’m sure you dear readers are too!  I have tried my humble best to correct the situation…

Pax~“_______’s Compatriot,

“But I do want to call attention to the rude, insulting and highly personal nature of what Pax is saying about _____. ”

My characterization of ______’s ongoing and very broad and negative statements about religions outside of, and inside of, Paganism – and his comments that regularly praise the idea of violence against Christians as a solution to various problems – and ______’s habit of making vague (and admittedly sometimes not so vague), negative, and potentially insulting characterizations of those who disagree with him; which in point of fact was one of the contributing factors to your being able to make reports on comments – as being like turds in a punchbowl in no way reflects an opinion of ______, merely aspects of the opinions he is espousing and the way in which he espouses them.”

Thankfully, this dreadful confusion seems to have abated.

I mean really!  I wouldn’t dream of comparing ______ himself to a turd in a punchbowl.  That would be rude?!

That would be like putting up a line of T-shirts and Bumper Stickers on, say, cafe-press saying with some sort of forest green gothic italic lettering ….

“________, the turd floating to the surface of the punchbowl that is Paganism”

and starting to market them with the profits going towards donations to a large Interfaith organization working for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State.  Then encouraging some of those whom ______ has victimized on that particular forum before to wear said T-shirts on the festival circuit, and get some of their close personal friends on the circuit (as both attendees and presenters) to wear said t-shirts until _____ was widely regarded within the Pagan community as nothing more than a scatological joke of a human being.

I would like to think that I can’t be pushed into being either that rude or that cruel.  A part of me does sometimes long to vent my spleen in such an unseemly manner, but I strive to be better than that base instinct.

After all, manners are the lubricant of social intercourse!



8 thoughts on “The Importance of Manners

    1. Pax

      Dear overworked boyfriend,

      No dear, that shouldn’t be necessary. In fact I’d be kind of grateful if you didn’t.


  1. What about bumper stickers and ball caps?

    Don’t think of it as a depth of rude cruelty – think of it as an investment in the future health of Paganism. You know, like reminding people to check themselves carefully when they’re in certain environments to make sure they haven’t picked up any disease-spreading, bloodsucking parasites.

    Nice Cafepress stuff – that “If you can read this . . .” shirt is going on my b-day possibles list.

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