A note…

Dear friends

So I haven’t been posting a lot lately…

Some of this is due to a time delayed bout of emotional turmoil over the break-up with The Big Guy.  Some of this is the result of the worst allergy season that Central Florida has seen in years, the unusually cold and lengthy cold spells we had this last Winter have thrown the pollen production into overdrive!  Some of this is also due to a spell of insomnia.

For about 2 or 3 weeks there I was buying a whole bunch of novels and reading at work, when I wasn’t helping guests or working on the Night Audit paperwork that is…, and frittering around the internet when I was at home.  I have NOI been eating healthy, although there have been some token efforts in that regard.  I have not been getting anywhere near enough healthy physical activity (or excercise, but if I look at it as exercise I will look at it as a chore, which is entirely the wrong attitude towards it).  I have also been smoking too much.

I have  kept saying my daily prayer, and I was breathing into my Chakra’s and doing the Cleansing Life Force excercise often… but mostly I was just being for a while.  I didn’t Circle, I didn’t observe the astrological New Moon as a night of remembering and honoring Hecate, and I haven’t gone to Church unless I was committed to be there as an Usher or Greeter.   A chunk of this had to do with the previously mentioned allergies and the week long bout of insomnia and a good chunk of it had to do with needing some retreat time, some me time, some time to just read novels and be with my feelings and to retreat from things for a while.  I have also noticably slacked off in my blogging and writing here and elsewhere.

Letting myself lay mentally and emotionally and spiritually and religiously fallow for a while.

Now I am beginning to feel the need to re-engage my Spirit and spirituality and my religious devotions.  I feel… relaxed…ready to begin working on myself and ready to re-engage with the world and the Work of this lifetime.

More later,


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