May-tide notes on the Journey

Hello friends,

Well I am working on some of the more mundane underpinnings of my self and spirituality and practice lately.  Working on nutrition and healthier eating, once nutrition is reasonably in place I will be adding exercise.  I am working on quitting or at least cutting way-the-heck-back  on my cigar smoking.  I am also working on making my mess of an apartment more of a home.  Curtains have been bought, but not yet hung as that requires assistance from the Fabulous Jonathan, who has a drill that will let me hang the double curtain rod.

Real world basics.  What T. Thorn Coyle calls Planes of Stability in her writings.

Rather Earth focused qualities to be focused on during the May-tide season, as I am calling Beltaine/May Day/Walpurgis Nacht… three different festivals whose cultural streams have flowed together into the Neo-Pagan Beltane.  Then again given the themes of fertility May-tide could be seen as being as much an Earth festival as a Fire festival an Earth deals with matters (and matter) of stability and form.

Balance, balance, balance.  Even as I work on the stable planes of health and home, among others, I am trying to remember to breathe, to Center, to Ground, to Pray to the Goddesses and Gods of my heart and hearth and home.


4 thoughts on “May-tide notes on the Journey

  1. Mind if I offer a bit of unsolicited advice? You might want to work on the exercise prior to adjusting your eating habits. I personally find that the former actually helps with the latter, as it gets you more in touch with your body and sensitive to what it’s telling you that it needs in terms of nutrition.

    1. Pax

      Not a bad piece of advice, and thank you for it by-the-by! Except with the knowledge of high blood pressure, and the very real possibility of some species of undiagnosed diabetes… Gods I hope I am wrong on that score…. I am definitely feeling the deep need for better nutrition.

      Then too I am very, some might say unhealthily, in touch with my appetite…well, appetites but thats another story… so I may as well work WITH that.

      On the exercise front I am focusing on simply being more active and doing more of the simple everyday things like housework and chores and other things that my A.D.D blessed brain finds reasons to put off. I am also doing that most radical of notions, walking from place to place rather than driving whenever possible…and it all counts… if I have to drive to a nearby strip mall to do x,y,and z…. I will drive there and then walk from store to store, rather than what I recently caught myself doing which is drive, walk into store, walk to car, move car, walk into other store! (I know, I know, walking in Florida… THAT IS JUST CRAZY TALK!!!… but it helps!)

      Then too, I loathe, loathe…. LOATHE exercise for the sake of exercise and Orlando,FL is NOT designed for a pedestrian! But walking instead of moving the car, finding reasons to go to the Mall with a friend and walk around window shopping, going out more with friends for fun and activities like dancing and walking with friends while THEY are exercising for exercise sake (which to my warped mind doesn’t count as exercise but as social time and moral support, which I am ALL about…) these are all on the agenda!

      Peace, and humor,

      1. Aha! So you are already working on exercise, too. You’re just doing it in practical, fun ways. That’s totally cool, and something I personally understand. The thought of going to the gym or running for running’s sake just doesn’t do a thing for me. I can’t get up the motivation. But I’ll walk when I’m shopping (like you’re describing), go out dancing every now and then, and even take dance classes. Because those are all fun things I enjoy doing that just happen to burn calories, boost my heartrate, and do all those other things exercise is supposed to be good for.

        And being diabetic isn’t the end of the world. Take it from someone who was diagnosed with type two ten years ago. Besides, with all the changes you’re making, even if you are diabetic (assuming it’s type two, which is probably a safe bet), you may never even notice it in the future.

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