Remembering to Breathe…

Dear Friends,

Wow.  I mean, friggin’ WOW!  The last few weeks have been hectic and crazy and very educational… in no particular order we have…

Co-worker C____ quits work over something very minor,  Co-worker L____ starts acting like a flake of the first water calling in sick and not showing up,  extra long shifts because of the previous two events including a few 11 hour shifts, on the ONE night off this week I had the car break down (was able to get it towed and repaired), The Fabulous Jonathan’s mother is in hospital for heart surgery, my friend P____ is in hospital unexpectedly for a parasitic infection and possible lymphoma…

And that’s just what my sleep needing brain can remember of the last week.  Yet through all of this I have been strangely blessed.  In the midst of a trying time I have been remembering to breathe, remembering to Center, and to Ground.  I have breathed out prayers to the Holy Powers and am feeling challenged (and perhaps a little pressured) BUT NOT OVERWHELMED!!!

There was a time when any one of the above might have left me huddled underneath the covers… well I have been under the covers but that’s generally been desperate exhaustion rather than panic, so that’s ok.  In remembering to breath I am also remembering my humor and rediscovering my spark…. so look for some more writing here this week.

Now to sleep, well, to nap and to go to the hospital to be there for the bear I love whilst his mom undergoes heart valve surgery!



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