Seeking and speaking

Dear Friends,

“Into my Throat Chakra and within that blue ball  I sought out what in me and my life needs creativity and expression.”

So that was the finished text that I wrote for my previous post.  What I started to write, and edited on the fly because it was off topic was….

“Into my Throat Chakra and within that blue ball, that all too often lately feels stuck or caught in my throat rather than whirling and thrumming, I sought out what in me and my life needs creativity and expression.”

I have held back a lot, for a lot of reasons, in a variety of forums and areas of my life.  There have been times I hesitated to say things for fear of upsetting others or because I felt there was no point since my point was not going to be listened too.

I am realizing, though, that stuck feeling, that …something… caught in my throat when I work with my Chakra’s is very important.  If I am going to truly surrender to the process of spiritual practice it means listening, to both the Universe, and myself.  That stuck feeling is there because there is a lot I have held back on for fear of being ignored or ridiculed or unpopular.  Well I am moving past that fear, or trying too.  I have already started venting some of this mental/spiritual/metaphysical pressure by expressing myself in a few places here and there.

This will be continuing, in part because part of what is caught in this Chakra is my creative energies, this explains some of the writers block and general creative projects block I’ve been running into the last few months … well, ok, on and off the last year or so since the break up.*  Especially given that writing is one of my primary creative outlets, its rather silly to bottle up some topic and opinions and ideas and then expect to be able to express myself.
I also find myself wondering about the relationship between different energy centers and the Muses and the Spirits… inspired in part by this fabulous TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love (here, and here) fame….

(Thanks to Albiana of Flying Off The Broom Handle for her post relating ideas in this talk and for sharing the video…)



* ~ I know I know, I found a way to work it in again, but what’s the point of a blog unless you can occasionally vent your bs in a safe manner on your own personal bully pulpit?!

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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