Hail to The Holy Powers!!!

Dear Friends,

So yesterday was the night of the Full Moon.  I circled in my customary way, setting aside the formal words I have carefully crafted for my solitary non-initiated self to honor The Lady and Lord of Witchcraft; as I understand both them and it, in favor of some more personal wordings to Them and to the Guardians of the Watchtowers.  I have taken to offering the Challice to the Guardians, after the symbolic Great Rite and before partaking of it myself, after all they are guests/participants as well.  All went well and it was a lovely evening…

Here I am in a dillema, in that I am wanting to write here of my spirituality and practice and yet there is the sense that some things should be private, special, sacred and shared only with the Gods and those directly present.  So I don’t know that I will write about Circle this month, but perhaps later I can expand on my experiences and thoughts.

Tonight is a slightly-less-than-full-moon, but as it is Late August it is the 2nd of Central Florida’s Wine Harvests, and a good time to celebrate Dionysus.  So I am with libations and a recitation of His Hymn in English, cause I don’t speak a lick of Greek yet, Barbarian that I am.  (Did you know that was the original meaning?  If you didn’t speak a ‘civilized’ language you were a Barbarian in the Hellenic world view…)

Anyhow my friends, grab a glass of the fruit of the vine and enjoy these two musical offerings from noted Greek band,  Daemonia Nymphe

and, of course….

Peace, and may The Holy Powers bless you,


Post Script (or, “But what did you serve?!”)

An inexpensive Argentinian wine was offered, and partaken of in honor of the Thrice Born Bacchic King…

De los Vinedos del Sol

Marcus James





A pale yellow/green Chardonnay with a thick syrupy texture.   Very fruity, and a potent aroma.  Sweet tropical floral scents and a lemony/floral fruitiness were what I noticed, and a slight metallic that might be either the soil or the wine-making… I need to research this wine.  The bottle claimed hints of spice and warmth of vanilla, and I could definately see having this with some pastry, or after or with an apple-pie a la mode, but I really didn’t get the Vanilla-y-ness.

Peace, again and always,


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