National Coffee Day sept 29. Io Pan!! (updated 9/30)

Javacrutian Prayer

Author unknown

“Caffeine is my Shepherd, I shall not doze.

It leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses,

It restoreth my buzz,

It leadeth me in paths of consciousness

For its names sake.

Yeah though I walk through

The Shadow of the Valley of addiction,

I will fear no Equal,

For Thou art with me.

Thy Cream and Thy Sugar, they comfort me.

Thou preparest a Carraffe before me

In the presence of Juan Valdez.

Thou anoints my day with pep,

My mug runneth over.

Surely richness and taste shall

Follow me all the days of my life

And I will dwell in the House of Maxwell forever!

Dear Friends,

The above has been attributed to Isaac Bonewits, and I can believe it, but I’m not certain and don’t wish to mis-attribute.  So today is the National Coffee Day, as a friend informed me on FaceBook and as I confirmed on a couple of news sites. (here and here)

In my own personal salute to this beverage which has an important and nourishing part in my life I will generally say a thanks to Pan for coffee… and I have to run to work, expect this one to be updated with more pagan musings.

Until then, Peace & Coffee,


PS-  So I mentioned thanking Pan for coffee, this is a part of my ongoing personal contention that the Ancient Gods did not just go and sit up on a shelf somewhere waiting for humanity to revive their organized worship, but have always been there and abroad in the world.

The traditional legend of how coffee was discovered, or one of them, tells of Kaladi.  Kaladi was a goat herder who one day noticed his goats were dancing and capering about in an unusual and unruly manner, he found them eating these particular berries, and he ate the berries he too began to feel invigorated.  Then he tried just the seeds and eventually he began to roast them, in part to help preserve them.

Shepherds in the wilderness and frisky behavior?  Sounds like Pan’s alley to me.

Besides I can totally see Pan creating coffee as being inspired by and in reaction to Dionysus’s introduction of Wine…  may have to write out that story someday…

Facebook Catharsis

Dear Friends,

So I am slowly but surely writing out a history of my relationship with the Big Guy and what all went down, and also working on my other writing projects… but it occurs to me that if I am to really start diving into this blog and my spiritual journey then I need to take Sannion’s advice, and when the instinct towards Facebook Catharsis strikes at the very least cross post here….

  • No amount of distractions or delights can ever really allow you to escape when grief come a-callin’. I am now officially in Orlando for 5 years now… the 2nd such anniversary after the break-up and the 1st such anniversary where I am healed enough to feel the pain of the loss of what was; and the first where I am still broken enough to be frustrated at what is currently and how that brokenness is holding me back…

  • So I sob a little… and I breathe and I try to return to my breath and meditation an my Center, and just let parts of myself remain broken for a while…
  • …deal with THAT with your post toasties Internet!!! (at least I still have my sense of humor…)

Of course, I was also trying to do that Buddhist practice where you breathe in another’s pain as a way of opening your heart to Loving Kindness… I can’t remember what it’s called right now and don’t feel like looking it up since I need to pass out for a while soon before Church at the U.U… will post or update on this more later today…

Yours in Reverence and Mirth,

(PS- I sometimes with she and SHE had listed Reverence first….)

Crafting myself…

Dear Friends,

So recently I am working and diving into my Witchcraft.  I am writing and rewriting my Circle and doing a LOT of work with the various Elemental energies.

Working primary in my own room and with most of my supplies being in the altar cabinet in my room… is a bit limiting.  I am going to be getting some herbs for the Kitchen I share with the room-mate.  He doesn’t know about the whole Witchcraft/Paganism thing so I am trying to figure out how to go with my urgings towards greater Witchery and balancing Discretion.  Of course, this need to keep in on the down-low and in my room is part of why I am holding off on a LOT of my Hellenic Polytheistic urges right now.  Hecate and Dionysus being the Gods that most called to me, especially Hecate – having encountered Her on the road so many years ago.

Ironically enough, even though I had no idea at the time, Hecate and Dionysus are a couple of the Theoi that are kind of outside the usual rules regarding the Theoi… or at least they seem open to more non-traditional approaches.

Mainly though, I am diving into my Craft, and thinking about my own areas of knowledge and study.   I would say a lot of my Craft and knowledge is more Hearth and “kitchen” Witchery.   Tarot, Chakra’s, a knowledge of Magick, poetry, writing these are some of my other areas of knowledge that interplay with my Craft and spirituality… I find myself wondering if my knowledge of Natural Science and Psychology… college level classes and armchair studies don’t play into my craft as well…

Wake me when the Equinox comes…

Dear Friends,

A few days ago I was awakened from my days sleep by the pyrotechnics of lightening and thunder and a great gully washer right outside my window.   Later that night the tree frogs and crickets and, I think, some water loving birds of some sort, sang a primeval chorus out on lake near the apartment complex.

The last few nights I have relaxed with the windows open to let the cool night air flow through the house strange to think it but now I do think of low-humidity and the low 70’s as constituting cool night air.

The joys of late Summer and the cusp of Autumn here in Florida.


I am noticing the approaching Equinox this year… seems like the first time that I really noticed its approach since moving to Florida.  Some of that was the mad rush of days of School and looking for work, and running away from the collapse of my partnership with the Big Guy….

September was when I moved to Orlando.  It’s funny I would talk to the ex day and night from Anchorage…  hrmm I think I need to write out the whole story…  not here, well maybe not here, but somehwere sometime soon…

Anyhow September’s Equinox has, in years past, been a harbinger for great Change and now it approaches once more.  I find myself contemplative.   I am diving into my Craft as I write and rewrite into my notebooks and BoS and read amd re-read the few books I have with me in Florida and also wrestling with realizations that have come from this diving back into my Craft with the perspective of life-experience and diverse learning behind me.

More to follow…



A half dozen posts started and still stuck in my heart and throat

Dear Friends,

There are so many things I want to say, and some things I think I need to say… and a lot of realizations that have been coming up in my life as I dive back into my life, my goals and hopes and dreams, and my Witchcraft.  I want to thank all of you out there who read this blog and who share your observations and comments and humor with me.  They are much needed reminders that I am not alone.



Just ignore that little black stormcloud of doom…

Hey folks,

So I am at  a bit of a cross roads regarding my interest/activity/passion for involvement in my local Pagan community… and I did a 3 card draw whilst asking the Universe and Holy Powers for a sign… (don’t do that….)  anyhow I got…

6 of Pentacles

The Chariot

The Tower

I am trying to resist the urge to call in sick to work and hide under the covers.  (tongue only partially in cheek here…)  I am also thinking I am still too close to the situation for clarity anyone want to Hazard some interpretations?

Please Note,

I will be updating this post much later today to add some general details surrounding the situation…



Update 12:56 am 9/16

So I WAS going to update with more details about the surrounding situation, but have decided to be discriminating and discreet with those for a while.  No point in stirring up needless trouble.


I will observe that the Chariot always seems to be the crux card in my three card draws…. not every single time mind you, THAT would make me nervous!   Often enough though that it has taken on a feeling of the OR card, or of the card that counsels ballance in the face of…  I will keep to my few small community related projects for now and continue my spiritual work and the re-immersion into my Witchcraft that has been simmering in my life of late and see where the Lady and Lord of Witches and my other dear Holy Powers lead me…

Peace, again and always,


PS- I didn’t tell anyone the best part… I was doing the three card draw top-down towards me so the 6 of Pents then below it the Chariot and then below that, closest to me, Tower….  I suppose the brief moment of “YIKES!” is good for my circulation though….

Healing work

Dear friends,

So a member of a loosely knit Pagan community group I am a member of is having some surgery soon.  After asking her if she was open to the idea, I brought up the idea of doing a group healing either together in person or individually.  We went back and forth a bit online and we figured we would do it remotely and I came up with the following visualization/imagery.

Take a moment to just breathe. Opening yourself up to the abundant energy of the Universe that connects us all.
Breathing in life force and breathing out into your interconnection with all life. Breathing inspiration and exhaling connection.

Call upon those Holy Powers of Health and Healing whom are known to you and ask them for Their help in sending your love and health and healing energy to your subject.

When it feels right to do so reach our your hands, palms up, parallel to the floor, and imagine that you are clasping the recipients hands holding them as if offering her your support or help to stand while offering her your love and

If this working is to be shared together with others, either working together in person or many people visualizing remotely when they can you cam imagine that is some way your hands are superimposed over the hands of the rest of the people taking part, all of you joining together to show the recipient your friendship our support our care.

Ask the Holy Powers to help you and support you in your prayers and work in sending your love and care and in your prayers for your friends health and healing; imagine that They are holding Their palms to the backs of your hands supporting your hands as you support your friend.

When it seems appropriate thank your Holy Powers in whatever ways suit your Path.

It occurred to me that this might be useful to others, especially in a pan-Pagan community context.  So here it is.



Regarding a couple of classics…

Dear Friends,

There are a couple of very eloquent and talented writers in the Pagan community who I see regularly on a particular online forum.  Learned gentlemen whose writings are reputed to be some of the sharpest and most intellectually convincing and heartfelt explorations of Pagan thought and polytheology.  Unfortunately my heart and mind tend to slam shut at the sight of their noms-de-Pagan.

This is because the very first place I encountered them is in the comment stream of a popular Pagan blog, where they are both frequently found pouring out their anger and bitterness and venom towards Monotheism in general and Christianity in particular.  Although in light of recent event over the last few months they have been throwing dog dirt upon Islam as well.  Anyone who disagrees with them, no matter how gently or politely,  is subjected to their ridicule and scorn; if the objector is Pagan then the legitimacy of their particular religious path and their basic intelligence are called into question.  In their ongoing campaigns of vitriol they will cherry pick their examples from the worst of human behavior in whatever form of Christianity or Islam or Monotheism they are currently attacking; or the particular form of religion/Paganism of those who dare disagree with either of these theoretically august personages.  When they are not insulting the intelligence or character of their detractors they will be found busily and casually ignoring any evidence or examples that counter their examples or might contradict their passionately proselytized prejudices.

They have given me a lot to think about and I am once again contemplating why it is that I have such a powerful emotional response when the two of them start writing about other religions, mainly but not limited to monotheistic ones. My reaction is often one of not just no, but a sometimes very angry “Oh Hell to the No!”

In my anger and outrage I have sometimes gotten rude and petty and pissy, again I apologize to them.

The more I think about it the more I have realized that when one of the two of them starts to vent their, admittedly well written, spleen on the topics of monotheism the two of them remind me of nothing so much as Jerry Fallwell or Fred Phelps or Anita Bryant or any of the many others who have tried to tell me all my life that as a Gay man I am evil and vile and worthless and without worth and value and values and that I don’t deserve the same basic legal rights as others.  There is the exact same sort of righteous anger, and venom. The same willingness to deeply research matters as long as the facts they find match their preconcieved notions, and to casually sweep aside anything that is counter to their set opinions. There is the exact same cruelty and condescension to any and all who disagrees with them, and the same willingness to comdemn them as wrong or suspect of representing “the enemy’. There is the same eagerness to force their opinions onto others no matter what it takes. The same willingness to play the martyr card the second that the system or popular opinion isn’t playing in their favor. The same sort of tactics, the same sort of fanatic zeal, the same sort of hatefullness, and the same sort of bigotry.

Then again the two of them aren’t all that much like any of the fanatics I’ve named, after all neither of them has ever showed the courage of your convictions to attach their legal names to their little opinion pieces, either int heir comments on other blogs or on their own. They are content to cower behind pseudonyms while spraying their negative opinions about like a cat marking its territory.

I do take comfort in the fact that for many, although admittedly not all, of the readers of the forums they comment in they represent the same sort of place within Paganism, that Fred Phelps or the Church of Christ Aryan occupies in Christianity.   So I shall let them spout their hatred and vent their spleens.

I shall pray for them.   I shall strive to resist the urge to give in to my own shock and outrage at their slings and arrows with the shaking of fists or giving them the attention and reaction they so desperately crave.   I remain content in the knowledge that for most Pagans the kind of bigotry, pettyness, and anger that they represent are absolutely NOT what the many Paths of Pagans Movement are about.

Still praying the prayers of Peace,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

One Pagan’s Prayers 09/10/10

Between The Worlds on the Eve of a most Grievous Day,

In this place and in this hour I call upon the Holy Powers,

I breathe the Breath of Life, breathing inspiration from Them,

I breathe in lifes energy, drinking in the Spirit, the Magick

I dive deep wishing to be drunk with Them and Their presence

Calling on Their power

Breathing into my Heart Chakra, I pray the prayers of Peace.

I pray for all those who would act with hate, may their fears be calmed.

I breathe in their fears and breath out The Breath of Life to them.

I pray for all those who would act hateful from fear and anger, may they find courage and compassion.

I open my heart to their anger and fears and seek to send them the Love due all beings.

I pray for those who would use times of fear and division as stepping stones to power or prestige, may they find failure.

I open my arms wide, desiring to comfort the afflicted and the fearful and the angry and the grieving and the confused and all those being manipulated from and into those states by those who would unjustly seek power.

I pray prayers for all those who would act with hate, may their actions come to naught.

So my first story for the PNC: Florida is up!

Hello dear friends,

I have just posted my first story to the Pagan Newswire Collective Florida blog, it’s about a Gainesville Florida non-denominational church that is sponsoring a Qur’an burning event and the response of the City of Gainesville and the emergence of an Interfaith organization including Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, “and more….”

Please take a moment to check it out, and then check out the Main PNC site, community based journalism by and for Pagans!