One Pagan’s Prayers 09/10/10

Between The Worlds on the Eve of a most Grievous Day,

In this place and in this hour I call upon the Holy Powers,

I breathe the Breath of Life, breathing inspiration from Them,

I breathe in lifes energy, drinking in the Spirit, the Magick

I dive deep wishing to be drunk with Them and Their presence

Calling on Their power

Breathing into my Heart Chakra, I pray the prayers of Peace.

I pray for all those who would act with hate, may their fears be calmed.

I breathe in their fears and breath out The Breath of Life to them.

I pray for all those who would act hateful from fear and anger, may they find courage and compassion.

I open my heart to their anger and fears and seek to send them the Love due all beings.

I pray for those who would use times of fear and division as stepping stones to power or prestige, may they find failure.

I open my arms wide, desiring to comfort the afflicted and the fearful and the angry and the grieving and the confused and all those being manipulated from and into those states by those who would unjustly seek power.

I pray prayers for all those who would act with hate, may their actions come to naught.

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