Facebook Catharsis

Dear Friends,

So I am slowly but surely writing out a history of my relationship with the Big Guy and what all went down, and also working on my other writing projects… but it occurs to me that if I am to really start diving into this blog and my spiritual journey then I need to take Sannion’s advice, and when the instinct towards Facebook Catharsis strikes at the very least cross post here….

  • No amount of distractions or delights can ever really allow you to escape when grief come a-callin’. I am now officially in Orlando for 5 years now… the 2nd such anniversary after the break-up and the 1st such anniversary where I am healed enough to feel the pain of the loss of what was; and the first where I am still broken enough to be frustrated at what is currently and how that brokenness is holding me back…

  • So I sob a little… and I breathe and I try to return to my breath and meditation an my Center, and just let parts of myself remain broken for a while…
  • …deal with THAT with your post toasties Internet!!! (at least I still have my sense of humor…)

Of course, I was also trying to do that Buddhist practice where you breathe in another’s pain as a way of opening your heart to Loving Kindness… I can’t remember what it’s called right now and don’t feel like looking it up since I need to pass out for a while soon before Church at the U.U… will post or update on this more later today…

Yours in Reverence and Mirth,

(PS- I sometimes with she and SHE had listed Reverence first….)

One thought on “Facebook Catharsis

  1. same as it ever was

    Time to leave it all behind. Grow as only you can do when faced with conflict. Jonathan has been your rock at these times. Lean on him when the road is rocky.
    Leave ALL comments made on your blog AWAY from facebook. ALL COMMENTS!
    Your blog is more about the PRIVATE you Geoffrey. Facebook is the PUBLIC you.

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