National Coffee Day sept 29. Io Pan!! (updated 9/30)

Javacrutian Prayer

Author unknown

“Caffeine is my Shepherd, I shall not doze.

It leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses,

It restoreth my buzz,

It leadeth me in paths of consciousness

For its names sake.

Yeah though I walk through

The Shadow of the Valley of addiction,

I will fear no Equal,

For Thou art with me.

Thy Cream and Thy Sugar, they comfort me.

Thou preparest a Carraffe before me

In the presence of Juan Valdez.

Thou anoints my day with pep,

My mug runneth over.

Surely richness and taste shall

Follow me all the days of my life

And I will dwell in the House of Maxwell forever!

Dear Friends,

The above has been attributed to Isaac Bonewits, and I can believe it, but I’m not certain and don’t wish to mis-attribute.  So today is the National Coffee Day, as a friend informed me on FaceBook and as I confirmed on a couple of news sites. (here and here)

In my own personal salute to this beverage which has an important and nourishing part in my life I will generally say a thanks to Pan for coffee… and I have to run to work, expect this one to be updated with more pagan musings.

Until then, Peace & Coffee,


PS-  So I mentioned thanking Pan for coffee, this is a part of my ongoing personal contention that the Ancient Gods did not just go and sit up on a shelf somewhere waiting for humanity to revive their organized worship, but have always been there and abroad in the world.

The traditional legend of how coffee was discovered, or one of them, tells of Kaladi.  Kaladi was a goat herder who one day noticed his goats were dancing and capering about in an unusual and unruly manner, he found them eating these particular berries, and he ate the berries he too began to feel invigorated.  Then he tried just the seeds and eventually he began to roast them, in part to help preserve them.

Shepherds in the wilderness and frisky behavior?  Sounds like Pan’s alley to me.

Besides I can totally see Pan creating coffee as being inspired by and in reaction to Dionysus’s introduction of Wine…  may have to write out that story someday…

4 thoughts on “National Coffee Day sept 29. Io Pan!! (updated 9/30)

    1. Pax

      Tell the dear man I’m glad he liked it! It is not one of my own mind you, but is believed to have originally been penned by the late and lamented Druid leader and Polytheologian Isaac Bonewits

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