Autumn has arrived in his stately robes of brown and gold…

Dear Friends,

It has happened.  After a couple of weeks of the night time air cooling down to the respectable and relatively cool 70’s and then down towards the upper 60’s, Autumn is officially arriving.  Not in the movement of the planets or the stars, but in the changing of the leaves in the treees.   I have not seen any leaf-fall yet, but there are leaves upon the ground.  The trees have just begun their Autumnal adagio routine.

The  green little acorns of the Live Oak are growing and ripening almost before the eye, and the leaves are beginning to turn with a few light brown ones showing upon the branches and …are the other leaves a less vigorous green than the last time I looked?  The Rowan’s surprisingly useful little berries drying on the branches and turning brown along with a few of the yellowing leafs dotting their canopy.  The Magnolia, flowers long gone, has started sporting patches and branches full of dark brown dessicated leafs almost overnight.

Cooler nights and less humid days.  Today is a breezy and pleasant ..84?!  How strange to fine 84 degrees Fahrenheit both pleasant and almost cool… is it simply the lowering humidity and a breezy day or has my blood finally begun to thin after five years in the Subtropics?

I am becoming more appreciative of the rhythms of life and the signs of the seasons down here.  I have also recently begun to dive into the cycles of life and activity down here….

A friend had given me an Aloe plant and just the other day I finally re-potted it, moving it to a larger container and watering it and putting it out in the direct sun.  In doing so I discovered it has sent of another shoot and I must soon get another pot and some more soil for a little baby Aloe plant.

I take a moment to breathe the Breath of Life and appreciate the ebb and flow of the tides of death and life that play upon this land and life of mine.



One thought on “Autumn has arrived in his stately robes of brown and gold…

  1. I’ve lived in Florida all my life, only briefly visiting other places with “real” seasons. If I ever move, I’m not sure which will happen first: my head exploding from the beauty of it, or the rest of me freezing solid.

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