Spiritual Practice and notes on the Journey 10/08/10

Hello dear friends,

So I have been diving into my spiritual journey and Witchcraft later. As a part of my headlong dive I am writing out a new personal Book of Shadows… and contemplating what notes and ideas I would pass on to another if I am ever asked to teach Witchcraft to others.
One of the things I am working on is a note about The Great Work of Magick…

The Great Work

By now you may have heard or read of The Great Work of Magick.

The Great Work of Magick is work in every aspect of our selves and lives seeking not only personal excellence, and the discernment and development of our personal will, and the discernment and alignment with our True Will; but through all of these other quests seeking a greater engagement, and allignement, and interaction with the Numinous Divine that is at once in ourselves and within every atom and cell of creation.

The doors to the Temple of Delphi are said to have been inscribed with the phrase “Know Thyself”.

Not merely ‘Know your place as you are about to enter the house of a God.’ but also, ‘Know yourself, your thoughts, you feelings, your motivations, your needs, your desires, your strengths, your weaknesses; know these things that you might know your truest and best path in life and in proper allignment with the rightful unfolding of the Universe around you.

That is some of the Great Work of Magick.

I am also working out some notes on Spiritual Practice…. which is the focus of the CUUPS podcast episode 8 by the by

I am still sorting out my notes on Spiritual Practice and Witchcraft… but a few short sentences about the topic are…

Meditation is the act of regularly seeking to listen too or look for The Holy Powers.

Prayer is engaging in regular, conversation and communication with The Holy Powers.

Ritual is both celebrating with, and celebrating our relationships with The Holy Powers.

Magick is working to change ourselves and the world around in collaboration with The Holy Powers.

I would welcome some comments, ideas, and observations from folks..



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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