Dycyphering my dreams

Dear Friends,
So I had this dream, which woke me up this fine morning…

“I am wandering this intricate and huge combination of Book & Music store, Church, and Tchotchke shop…

…Having conversations in the pews of an unfamiliar building/highschool auditorium with members of my congregation about the growth and changes and evolution at the Church…

…overhearing someone looking for Soldier of Love and talking with them about how much we like that song and who sings the version he likes…

…and a lot of imagery focusing on Candles…”

So some of this comes from Church on Sunday and some journalling I did yesterday about what a nice experience I had last Sunday…

Some of this is coming from the fact that I am soon becoming far past due to Circle for the month…

And some of this is bubbling up from my subconscious, or the Holy Powers, or the Honored and Beloved Dead, or well somewhere someone is, I think, sending a message.

So now it’s off to the Internet to engage in a little exploration



2 thoughts on “Dycyphering my dreams

  1. Jonathan

    Geoffrey it just means you miss your wildly handsome BF, and thats why you want him to come to church on Sunday and then go eat chineese buffet!

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