Inspiration vs Frustration round #???

Dear Friends,
So I was involved in a group until recently…

“damn near every time I have opened my mouth in the meetings or written something on their e-list I have had negativity rained down on me… I couldn’t say ANYTHING right or meeting with their approval… their basic attitude is that the group has reached some sort of plateau of perfection in its events and workings and any suggestions that things could be improved are treated like some sort of attack…

I’ve had my ideas, experience and education brushed aside as being without worth or dignity… ‘You just haven’t seen how wonderful we really are yet you need to attend more events and be a member longer and then you’ll understand how practically perfect in every way’

I’ve been lectured too about how the group works on a consensus basis, by which they mean majority rules because in a consensus process the opinions of the dissenters and minority or listened too respected and effort is made to come to a FULL consensus and not simply bully the dissenter’s into silence or ignore their points…”

As I posted on Facebook, to my personal account which several of them are linked to.  Notice how it keeps the group name anonymous, that’s call trying to be classy even when you are incandescently pissed off.  They are the same group where one of the groups leaders and founders yelled at me that I had…

“…Unreasonable expectations…”

…when I suggested we should expect professionalism, communication with stake-holders, organization, and pride-of-service, from volunteers and organizers in the Pagan community like that I have seen in my U.U. community at Church.

So anyhow, ONCE AGAIN, I find myself dissapointed and frustrated by my local Pagan community and the short sighted, selfish, self-satisfied, unprofessional-ism I find in most some (BUT DEFINITELY NOT ALL) of the local Pagans I run into.

On the other hand I am deeply grateful and inspired by the friendships and connections I have made online, in part through this blog and through some of my other projects and explorations online.

Thanks folks,


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