Witchfather fan alert…

Hey fellow devotees,

So Seillean over at of Oak and Ivy has extended the deadline for the Horned God devotional to December First!

This is spurring on a number of ideas and poetic possibilities in my own mind, so I may be unleashing some rough drafts here, and encouraging some of my fellow devotees of the Horned God of the Craft… heck this might also force me to get the Pax Theologica page up here sometime before Yule… or the Turning of The Year as I think of it…

I had seen this project earlier in the year but had forgotten about it… I really need to add reading through the blogs to my daily practices… then again I’d need a catheter to stay at the computer for that much of the day, never mind the winning numbers for the lottery!

Anyhow look for random prayers and praise of the God of Witches .

Yours In His Service,


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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