Looking ahead

Dear Friends,

I breathe into my Crown, and I begin…

As you may already have noticed we have a new theme here, I’ve tried to set it up for maximum efficiency yet still keep my friends and readers in mind… I may still dink and experiment with it and with some themes till I find just the right physical set up for the new year/Season/time being.

I am turning inward… partly its the Season, Winter Solsticetide always does this to me… shorter daylight and a few days of cooler and cold weather returns me to the hibernation time Winters of my youth in Alaska….

I am feeling introspective and contemplative and am re-reading some of the back logs of this online bully pulpit of mine.  It is, as I observed to a not-too-far-away friend of mine recently, the first and most sustained journaling and writing project of my life so far.   I’ve recently started a sort of log-book practice Journaling lately, as noted in a previous post, and I am working on my Book of Shadows/Grimoire and you will probably be seeing a number of pieces up here of some of the instructional pieces of the Grimoire and some of the prayers from my BoS in the comming year as I hammer out my practice…

I am also widening my Craft from its Wiccan, or Neo-Wiccan for those that prefer the term, base and reading up on some Traditional Witchcraft, so look for some pieces on that in the coming year.

My Hellenic Polytheism is rather on the back-burner for now, as I am limited in my physical practice space to my bedroom and that is not necessarilly the most appropriate space to worship the Theoi…  but be on the look out for some articles about the importance of knowing our history and being able to separate out Fact and Folklore and Fiction…

I will be rewriting some of the pages, inlcuding the Spiritual Practice page, and adding some new ones… including -eventualy- a Polytheology page outlining my basic thoughts on that all too often neglected topic.

I will also, FINALLY, be getting to work on the re-vamp of the The Pagan Values Blogject, which has sat rather neglected these many months.  Look for some info on that in the coming year, and a some invitations…

Also look for a more regular posting schedule on here… I am not sure what form that schedule will take yet, but I will be establishing one in the new year.

Anyhow, that’s all for now dear friends and fellow travelers…




PS-  You will also be seeing some articles on Unitarian Universalism, and the intersection of my faiths….

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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