Why every city needs some Pagan neighborhoods….

Dear Friends,

One of the frustrations of living in a town-house condominium apartment is that neither the room-mate, the neighbors, nor complex security would understand or endorse me shucking off my pajamas and dancing naked in last nights glorious rainstorm (with proper footwear in case of nearby Lightning strikes) in the courtyard between the buildings.  I had to throw on clothes and THEN go dance ,with grape-vine steps, Deosil around the Magnolia at the cross-roads of the walking paths…

I would heartily advise my fellow Pagani, and any of you interested in what we U.U.’s call “The Earth Centered Traditions”, to encounter Nature on its terms once in a while.  Instead of just calling on the powers of Air from inside your living room while focusing on some incense or a feather,for example, … Go Outside once in a while!!

Anyhow, this desire to dance and my frustration at not having any locally available easily accessible outdoor Pagan space started me thinking about having a Pagan neighborhood.  Which reminded me of this episode of Elemental Castings, where T. Thorn Coyle and John Michael Greer are talking about the element of Earth and get into some interesting discussions about building such communities…

Think about it… a green-grocers and corner market and a pharmacy and some galleries and restaurants and psychics and the requisite bookstore and tchotchke shop… all within walking or biking distance… green architecture, community gardens, well maintained and observed public park (with extended hours of course) and a Pagan Community Center…. tai-chi in the park, yoga at The Center…

Instead of running away to the country or the wild, which are becoming increasingly more precious, perhaps we should be leading a charge to take over the cities?!



4 thoughts on “Why every city needs some Pagan neighborhoods….

  1. Or, just come live in a city like Eugene. There are enough hippies and New Agers and travellers and artists and such that no one really blinks at almost anything you want to do. Plus, copious wild areas within the city itself, where you could potentially dance naked in the forest without anyone to see you. I do a huge portion of my worship and spiritwork outdoors these days, yet I live in an apartment right on the bus line. That’s why I love this city so much. 🙂

    1. Pax

      Ironically enough, Eugene (or at least Oregon, possibly Portland) was on the shortlist of places when things fell apart for me in 09 with The Ex. I decided to stay here in Orlando when I happened upon full-time employment shortly after the break-up…

      Maybe I need to create a like of bumper stickers “Make Orlando Weirder!”….

  2. Taking over the cities . . . I like it! Besides, if employers are smart, they realize that a diverse community means that more people can trade days off so we’d all get our holidays!

    “Keep Asheville Weird” is still going strong afaik, but when we tried it in Charlotte nobody wanted the stickers, cuz they were worried people would think they were, well, weird. Chumps.

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